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"You! You're a s.l.u.t!" Shen Jiayi's whole body trembled in anger. What was more humiliating than the enemy denying that you are qualified to match them?

Shen Jiayi exhausted her mind to the greatest extent just to see Shen Yanxiao being trampled under her feet one day. However, Shen Yanxiao never looked her way. All this made her feel like a jumping clown, extremely laughable.

"Shen Yanxiao, you won’t have a good death! You have killed so many people. Do you know why Vermillion Bird Clan has become like this now? If it weren't for you, all of this would not happen, my father would not have done what he did, and I wouldn't be like this now. You shouldn't have existed at all. You shouldn't have been alive at all. It would be best if you just die!" Shen Jiayi cursed until she was breathless. If not for Shen Yanxiao, she would have still been a young lady of the Vermillion Bird Clan, and her wealth would still be inexhaustible.

But now, she had become a miserable dog in an unfavourable situation because of her father's rebellion, and she even needed to live under this s.l.u.t’s eyes just for the sake of remaining alive!

If there were no Shen Yanxiao, all of this would had been hers!

Since they were both daughters from Vermillion Bird Clan, if not Shen Yanxiao, it could only be her!

Shen Jiayi had long been possessed by devils. Seeing Shen Yanxiao living such a good life, while she was living a life worse than death, the resentment in her heart had reached a monstrous level, and she released all of this hatred on Shen Yanxiao’s body.

They were both Vermillion Bird Clan’s members, and they were both women. Her starting point was even much better than the initially idiotic Shen Yanxiao.

But why was it Shen Yanxiao who had received all these things?

“I killed people?” Shen Yanxiao’s eyes looked a bit chilly. Still looking at the almost insane Shen Jiayi, she unhurriedly said, “I have never taken the initiative to harm people, but if some people act recklessly, wanting to bring about their own destruction, I don’t mind lending them a hand. If you want to, I can also send you to meet your father."

Shen Jiayi had gone mad. She was just like a long-winded madman.

"s.l.u.t! You're a s.l.u.t! You will die like a dog! They won't let you go. They'll definitely come to kill you. Even if I'm dead, I will incarnate into a ghost. I want to see you die in their hands without a burial! Hahaha!!” Shen Jiayi laughed madly, and her hideous laughters made people feel creepy.

“Ghost?” Shen Yanxiao snorted and said, “You can't even beat me while you’re still a human. Even if you become a ghost, it will just be the same.”

Shen Yanxiao suddenly stood up, then her pet.i.te figure flashed in Shen Jiayi's eyes.

In the next second, Shen Jiayi's two big eyes widened. At the moment of death, the last thing that fell into her eyes was still Shen Yanxiao, the one she hated and would forever hate in this lifetime.

That face...

It was like a nightmare that kept lingering in her heart.

Shen Jiayi fell silently in a pool of blood. Her throat that had been cut open, leaving a large tract of blood behind as a stain. She died without letting go of her hatred towards Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao faintly shook away the blood on her fingertips. To her, Shen Jiayi was only similar to an ant.

If she wanted her alive, she could make her live, and if she wanted her dead, then she would cease to exist.

The young man on one side, who was also tied up, helplessly watched the scene of Shen Yanxiao killing Shen Jiayi in seconds. But there was not a trace of fear in his fair and clear face.

"Ah, The City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao, really deserved her reputation. Your boldness and strength are beyond ordinary people. Even in killing your own relative, you can still be so calm." The young man looked at Shen Yanxiao's expressionless face and chuckled.

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