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Since the departure of the G.o.d’s Domain team, Nangong Mengmeng had been left alone for a long time. She stayed in her own room every day, waiting for her hopeful master to return soon.

But, she had waited until Shen Yanxiao returned to The Rising Sun City and all, yet she did not even see an opportunity to meet Shen Yanxiao!!!

On the day when Shen Yanxiao returned, she was quickly buried in a pile of doc.u.ments. As a quasi-disciple who was full of respect to her master, she naturally would not increase the burden of her future master.

So she honestly waited for Shen Yanxiao to finish her business.

However, the next day, Shen Yanxiao had to lift the curse for Long Fei, the City Lord of Blizzard City.

It was a matter of life and death, so Nangong Mengmeng also did not dare disturb her and just continued to wait.

She waited so long, ah...

After waiting for eight or nine days, she still could not see Shen Yanxiao.

Nangong Mengmeng was very depressed and very much wanted to hit the wall!

She would like to rush into the City Lord Residence to find Shen Yanxiao and express her determination to be acknowledged as a disciple, but ... that was simply acting without constraint!

Nangong Mengmeng who had given Shen Yanxiao a scary impression of her since the beginning did not want to add another of her flaws to the mind of her future master.

So she could only kneel down in her boudoir and bite her handkerchief while she looked at the fallen leaves outside the window and wait for the day when Shen Yanxiao would take notice of her and “visit her palace.”[1]

When Vermillion Bird came to Nangong Mengmeng’s room in accordance with the instructions of Shen Yanxiao, Nangong Mengmeng was holding a pen and writing on a paper while holding a ruddy apple in her other hand.

Seeing Vermillion Bird coming in, Nangong Mengmeng directly froze.

"Vermillion Bird? Whym did myou come mher fomr?" Nangong Mengmeng’s mouth was still full of apple pieces, hence her speech was somewhat unclear.

Vermillion Bird knitted his brows slightly and glanced at the paper Nangong Mengmeng spread on the table.

That piece of paper was full of the words, "Shen Yanxiao" in it...

Vermillion Bird's face darkened for a moment.

"Hey! I'm practicing calligraphy! Words are helpful for self-cultivation!!!" Nangong Mengmeng cried out and rushed directly to the table. With her two hands, she flipped over the paper full of the words “Shen Yanxiao”.


Nangong Mengmeng wanted to cry.

Without any dishonest thoughts, she wrote the name of her idol inside her room, but who knew she would be caught in the act by her idol’s magical beast?

She was absolutely not a pervert!

Really not!!!

However, Nangong Mengmeng’s regret couldn’t erase the look in Vermillion Bird's eyes that was saying "you are a pervert".

Nangong Mengmeng wanted to cry but had no tears.

Vermillion Bird was also rather speechless.

He really didn't know why his master was looking for such a crazy woman.

"My master told you to come." Vermillion Bird said with a blank face.

Nangong Mengmeng gawked. She blinked her eyes at Vermillion Bird and said, “ your master...I...I...I...Is... asking...No...No... The City Lord asked me... to come?"

Nangong Mengmeng, who seemed as if she was being tortured in the eighteen floors of h.e.l.l just now, immediately felt that she had risen to heaven, and her blood fully revived!

The time has come, fortune finally turns to her, ah!

"Yes." Vermillion Bird couldn't bear to look at the stupid face of Nangong Mengmeng a second longer and so, after dropping those words, he turned away right after.

Was her master’s brain dead? She actually wanted to see this crazy woman!

Nangong Mengmeng looked at Vermillion Bird’s back as he hurried away, her face smiling just like a love-struck fool...

Her eyes were filled with hearts as she giggled foolishly, "Hehe, master is finally touched by my sincerity!"

[1] an expression of a concubine wanting the Emperor to visit her.

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