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Shen Jiawei hesitated for a moment before he slowly said, "He said... Did you find No. 2..."

"No. 2?" Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned, she did not quite understand the meaning of the two words.

Shen Jiawei nodded. When he saw that Shen Yanxiao was doubting his words, he then added, "When we were detained in the hands of those people at that time, we’ve heard that they had already transformed many people before they did some transformations on our new group. And nine of them were often mentioned by those people. But whenever they talked about those nine, they often just called their code names, No.2 to No.10. That No.2 is one of them. But before that, I also heard that their experimental body No.2 had been lost."

Shen Jiawei’s words let Shen Yanxiao secretly startled.

Transformed? Lost experimental body?

All these clues pointed to a person... Lan Fengli!

Shen Yanxiao remembered Yun Qi's story. She immediately asked, "Do you know other things about that No.2?"

Shen Jiawei replied, “I only heard them talk once in a while. One time, I heard them said that someone sent No.2 to go out and perform a task. However, the mission was not completed, and this No.2 that had been a.s.signed to perform the mission vanished. They seemed to be rus.h.i.+ng to find the whereabouts of No.2. I also heard them say that No. 2 disappeared in a place called the Sun Graveyard..."

Sun Graveyard!

Shen Yanxiao sucked in a mouthful of cold air. She was almost certain that the one from Shen Jiawei's mouth was Lan Fengli!

Yun Qi once said that after losing the soul of the last G.o.d, the most perfect form that those people could create was the integration of the seven major races. And Uncle Jiu said that Lan Fengli had the characteristics of the seven major races. In other words, Lan Fengli was the lost experimental body No.2!

However, how did they know that Lan Fengli was in The Rising Sun City?

Shen Yanxiao frowned. Ever since Yun Qi told her about everything, she had Lan Fengli wear a face-changing mask, altering his original appearance, and Lan Fengli also had not had much contact with the people of The Rising Sun City.

Uncle Jiu and his group were unlikely to betray them, and Du Lang and his men were not aware of the things about Lan Fengli. The people of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps should not be involved in the Forbidden Research Technique as they were still treating Uncle Jiu’s group as just ordinary people even until now.

There was no need to mention the demons.

If it were not the people of The Rising Sun City, then who had revealed the information about Lan Fengli?

Shen Yanxiao felt that she had missed something. She kept looking for clues in her mind.

Soon, an idea rushed to her head!

On that day when she had been transported to the underground by a magic array in the Sun Graveyard, Vermillion Bird had wreaked havoc in the Sun Graveyard for several days. With Vermillion Bird’s temper, he would not have any scruples, and her mythological beast's actions would immediately reveal his ident.i.ty!

Since that group of people sent Lan Fengli to get rid of Uncle Jiu and others, they must have encountered Vermillion Bird and thus knew of his ident.i.ty.

Before, Shen Yanxiao had been hiding her ident.i.ty; even if the people in the Sun Graveyard tried to find her whereabouts, she feared that they simply would not have any clues at all.

But at the school tournament, she appeared in front of people with Vermillion Bird with such a grand entrance; at that time, she had already exposed everything.

The appearance of Vermillion Bird at the Sun Graveyard meant that Shen Yanxiao was also there at that time. The disappearance of Lan Fengli had occurred at the Sun Graveyard. Both time and place were exactly the same!

However, what Shen Yanxiao was worrying about was another mistake.

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