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"Yes." Shen Yanxiao looked at Fu Tu with a cloudy and uncertain expression. Fu Tu felt like he was being p.r.i.c.ked with pins and needles.

"You’re going to temporarily hand over your duty to the Cave Wolves Mercenary corps. And then summon all the higher demons in The Rising Sun City and Oriental City for me." Shen Yanxiao instructed.

"Oh! Lord, which city do you want to strike this time?" Fu Tu’s spirits revived almost immediately. When Shen Yanxiao called him to summon the higher demons the last time, he went to demonstrate in the Oriental City. Now, she was asking him to summon the higher demons once again. Wasn’t that displaying her intention to continue their gang a.s.sault?!

The bellicose blood of Fu Tu immediately boiled with excitement.

G.o.d knew that they had been doing some trivial tasks all day long these days, and the degree of boringness really drove them to death. They wished very much for somebody to pounce onto those short-sighted people so that they had an excuse to move their hands and feet. 

Today's command by Shen Yanxiao finally let Fu Tu see hope!

But very soon, the next sentence of Shen Yanxiao dragged Fu Tu from heaven down to the eighteenth floor of h.e.l.l.

"Strike my foot. Do I look like a violent person?"

Fu Tu looked at Shen Yanxiao and silently swallowed the word "Yes" into his mouth.

"Not at all!"

"Don't ask so much. Just call them over."

"Oh." Fu Tu did not dare to ask any more. He immediately ran out and tried to get all the higher demons to come.

It had to be said that Fu Tu's ability to move was very good. Just after less than an hour, the higher demons of both The Rising Sun City and Oriental City were already standing in front of Shen Yanxiao. These more than 400 higher demons abruptly made the entire lobby crammed.

Standing at the forefront were the two Jia brothers, Fu Tu, Yao Ji, Zhong Ling, Tian Qiu, and Qiao Chu. In addition, Shen Yanxiao also saw several higher demons she had recruited in the north before. Among them were the tall and short demons that had schemed against Long Xueyao and others.

The higher demons were very excited. During these times, they were so idle, spending their time hatching eggs. When Fu Tu said that there was a move from the City Lord, they immediately formed a team, afraid to miss a good opportunity to fight.

Shen Yanxiao was sitting on the soft couch and feeling the fiery eyes from a large wave of demons projecting towards her. In the foreheads of this group of demons were engraved the phrases, “Seeking for excitement, seeking for a fun time!”

Were they really that idle?

Shen Yanxiao supported her forehead with her hand. The Barren Land was really no challenge for the demons. However, she temporarily did not intend to allow the Demons Trade Union to receive missions outside the Barren Land.

After all, this group of guys was one of the trump cards in her hands. If ever she lost some of them, she would not be happy at all.

Shen Yanxiao didn't say anything. The demons below continued to be excited.

However, those few demons who had been recruited by Shen Yanxiao from the north were full of question marks above their heads.

"That is the City Lord of The Rising Sun City?" One of the higher demons who had been fooled over by Shen Yanxiao asked a native demon of The Rising Sun City.

That native demon looked contemptuously at him.

"Apart from our family’s Lord, which human can be so peerless and beautiful?!"

For everything concerning Shen Yanxiao, this group of demons had practiced their praise speech. They would always remember to sing praises for Shen Yanxiao.

"...but the one I originally saw was not her." The demon was very innocent. He had been recruited by a boy who claimed to be Shen Jue. Although the living standards here in The Rising Sun City were indeed high... something seemed wrong with the person who had recruited them!

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