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"Vermillion Bird..." Wu Run was stunned silly. Vermillion Bird came in such an aggressive manner that it completely didn't look like he was welcoming them.

Was it really difficult to accomplish their purpose?

No, this couldn’t be!

Along the way, they experienced an unexpected harmonious coexistence with the demons. Now, they finally entered The Rising Sun City. Did they really need to fight with a Mythological Beast?

If so...

He would rather get in a fight with a demon!

Seeing that Vermillion Bird had already arrived in front of the team, a group of people from the Blizzard Mercenary Corps all geared up. They really didn’t want to fight. However, if this Vermillion Bird launched an attack, they wouldn’t just remain pa.s.sive.

But in the next second, everyone was shocked.

Vermillion Bird, as if he did not see them at all, brushed past them and rushed toward the very end of the team.

All the mercenaries were very conscious in opening a pa.s.sage.

A few minutes after, a way leading to someone was opened.

They only saw that the ordinary-looking Shen Jue was standing in the same place with a blank expression. Vermillion Bird's eyes stubbornly stared him to death.

Gu Feng, who had just been beaten, became cheerful. Did that Vermillion Bird come to take revenge? And his target was actually that hateful country b.u.mpkin?!

Hit him! Beat him!

It's best to kill that brat!

Long Xueyao saw the direction of Vermillion Bird's advancement, and her heart was immediately alarmed. She wanted to catch up but her speed was far less than that of Vermillion Bird.

In the blink of an eye, Vermillion Bird had rushed to the front of “Shen Jue”, and his red eyes were staring at his ordinary face for a moment, as if he were to eat him in the next second.

While everyone was in a cold sweat for Shen Yanxiao, Vermillion Bird impressively raised his hand, which would shortly meet Shen Yanxiao’s body.

Long Xueyao almost screamed.


Vermillion Bird’s lifted hand did not fall on Shen Yanxiao, but instead pointed to the dragon on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder.

"You left me! Then, you actually dare to bring back this kind of thing?!” Vermillion Bird's white finger pointed to the mini dragon, and said in a roar!

"This was an accident." Shen Yanxiao rubbed her nose. Vermillion Bird had a spiritual contract with her. Even if she changed her appearance, Vermillion Bird would recognize her no matter what.

"Accident?! You tell me what accident this is! You said that you would go out to train and did not want me to follow, so I did not go with you, but when you finally came back, you actually brought me this ball-like thing! Do you ever think of me as your magical beast? In the end, you still won’t put me at ease! Which people go out without their own contractual magical beast? And you even wandered around everywhere, picking up this kind of thing and bringing it home!" Vermillion Bird thoroughly transformed into a devil!

First, Shen Yanxiao wanted to go. He respected her decision. Then, he did not rely on their spiritual link to find her, nor did he bother her just as she wished. However, he had never dreamed that this unruly master who wanted to go out alone would actually bring such a fat, ball-like creature back!

If others could tolerate this, he could not!

"Hey, no... you let me explain..." Shen Yanxiao’s ears were hurt by the screaming of Vermillion Bird. The mini dragon was really an accident. She wanted to send this fella away more than anyone else.

"I won't listen! I won't listen!"

"You listen to me explain."

"You would just lie to me!"

Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao quarreled with each other on the street of The Rising Sun City like there was no one else around. However, the dialogue between the two people made the crowd on the sidelines continually feel that there was something wrong the more they listened.

How come this scene was similar to when the wife caught her husband with his mistress?

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