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With Gu Feng's remarks, even the people of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps frowned slightly.

They were in The Rising Sun City right now, but Gu Feng was being so rude. It really made people feel embarra.s.sed.

Long Xueyao and Wu Run, who knew that Long Fei would be asking Shen Yanxiao to lift the curse on his body, had an ugly expression on their faces after seeing Gu Feng's att.i.tude.

This idiot just had to actually offend people here. Didn’t he know that they came here this time to ask Shen Yanxiao for a favor? Mocking the mercenaries in other people's city upon entering the city, wasn’t this the same as looking for trouble?

Gu Feng was very complacent. He did not know that he had already been scolded to death by others.

Tian Qiu snorted and looked at the arrogant Gu Feng. His eyes revealed a hint of killing intent.

This idiot who only deserved to be his snack dared to point at his nose. If he were the same as before, he would have already swallowed such a naive human into his stomach.

“Embroidered pillows?” Tian Qiu raised his eyebrows, looking at Gu Feng. He suddenly lifted his hand at speed which was too fast for anyone to notice.

In the next second, Gu Feng felt a sharp pain on his face, and even before he could react, his entire person had already been sent flying.

"Idiot." Tian Qiu did not look at Gu Feng, who had been blown away by his strike, any longer. He just clapped his hands and turned away.

The people of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps were all dumbfounded.

They were all the most elite mercenaries, but even so, there were still some people who would act recklessly and say offensive words to them. The temperament of the mercenaries of The Rising Sun City was really... violent.

They would actually beat people and send them flying without hesitation!

Wu Run was stunned for some time. It was only when he came back to his senses that he quickly let their people help Gu Feng.

On Gu Feng’s pale face, a reddish handprint from a slap was swiftly printed, and blood was leaking from his nose and the corners of his mouth.

It was conceivable how ruthless Tian Qiu’s slap was.

"He...he actually dared to hit me!" Gu Feng covered his cheek. He had never dreamed that there was a mercenary on the Radiance Continent who would dare hit him.

"You! Don't go! I dare you to stop!" Gu Feng shoved away the man who was holding him up and chased straight after Tian Qiu’s back.

Long Fei looked at Gu Feng who was about to cause trouble again. He knit his brows and said to Wu Run, “Quickly have people stop this kid. That's not someone he can provoke.”

Wu Run immediately rushed to stop Gu Feng.

"Uncle Long, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to hit me. He thinks he counts as something! This kind of broken trade union, I can easily let my father level it out with just a word." Although Gu Feng was stopped by Wu Run, his rage did not diminish at all.

Long Fei did not respond to his clamor and just let people check his injury.

Long Xueyao was lost in thought, standing on the sidelines. She didn’t care whether Gu Feng, this fellow, was dead or alive. What she was even more curious about was why her father said that the mercenary was not someone that Gu Feng could provoke.

"Father, is there anything special about that mercenary?"

Long Fei took a look at Long Xueyao and lowered his voice, "Did you see when he made a move?"

Long Xueyao thought for a moment. She had not saw Tian Qiu’s movements from the beginning to the end. The only thing she saw was Gu Feng flying away.

"This daughter was incompetent and didn't see when he had acted."

Long Fei shook his head and smiled.

"Not that you are incompetent. I believe there should be no second person here except me who had seen his movements."

"What!" Long Xueyao looked surprised.

She was just an Intermediate Professional, it was normal if she could not see it. But Wu Run was an Advanced Professional. His father actually said that even Wu Run could not see it, wouldn't that mean...

"His strength is at least at the beginning of the Second Stage Profession."

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