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"All right." Long Xueyao sighed. At least, she now had some clues.

“Shen Jue, thank you.” Long Xueyao sincerely thanked Shen Yanxiao. If not for Shen Yanxiao’s remarks, they would never have thought that her father might possibly be cursed.

Shen Yanxiao scratched her head and did not answer her.

Don't thank me, I'm actually going to steal the blueprint of your Thunder Artillery tonight from your house.

Long Fei struggled for a long time before he fainted. Long Xueyao then busied herself with taking care of Long Fei. Shen Yanxiao was well-mannered and took her leave first.

Having returned to her room, Shen Yanxiao ate dinner first and then climbed onto the bed.

"Xiu, unlock the sixth layer of the seal now!" Shen Yanxiao sat cross-legged on the bed, and said with an extraordinarily firm tone.

‘You want to save him?’ The cold voice of Xiu sounded in Shen Yanxiao's mind.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. Although she had the heart to help Long Xueyao, she would not just do everything for her.

"I just want to break through to Second Stage Profession quickly, so you can help me train an army." The thing that she heard about the beast tide today made Shen Yanxiao uneasy. There wasn’t much time to prepare for it.

And there was still a month before the seventh day of the seventh month. She also hoped to beat Geng Di in the Four Nations Tournament!

Although Geng Di’s strength could be neglected, seeing Long Fei now, her way of thinking should not be so simple.

Long Fei was now a Second Stage Professional— a Swordmaster, and he would surely partic.i.p.ate in the tournament.

The strength of the City Lord of Twilight City of the Seven Kingdoms was still unknown. If she had to guess, it might not be too bad as well. She wanted to press down the four cities and gain more benefits. And to avoid solely relying on Vermillion Bird, she must also improve her strength.    

A lot of things forced her to quickly break through to the Second Stage. Even if she had not encountered Long Fei’s matter, she would not have slowed down at all.

'Good.’ Xiu very simply complied.

Shen Yanxiao closed her eyes and waited for the arrival of the pain from unlocking the seal.

However, she was just getting ready when she became unconscious the next second.

After Shen Yanxiao fainted, a cloud of dark mist quietly flowed out of her body and formed a figure in front of her bed.

Xiu narrowed his golden eyes as his soft gaze fell on Shen Yanxiao, who was lying on the bed. His slender arm stretched out and pulled her up from the bed with one arm. He then pulled up the sleeves of Shen Yanxiao’s right arm with his other hand, and the Seven Stars Locking Moon Seal on her arm was revealed.

Just a year ago, this seal mark on her skin had been dark and dull. Now, it was replaced by five scarlet marks; the remaining two had yet to turn scarlet.

From the seven layers of the seal, only two layers were left to be unlocked.

However, there was not even a trace of relief in Xiu’s golden eyes. His eyes swept over the seal on Shen Yanxiao's arm. Underneath the five scarlet marks, he could see a white, glowing circle. 

"It isn't the Seven Stars Locking Moon?" Xiu’s brow furrowed slightly, his thin lips spewing unbelievable doubts.

He looked at the face of the unconscious Shen Yanxiao and the dignity in his eyes did not disappear.

"Forget it." He sighed a little, then slowly placed Shen Yanxiao on the bed. He extended his palm and put it above the seal on Shen Yanxiao.

"Whether it is a blessing or a curse, both of us will die together."

He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes. He gathered the strength from his body and poured it into the seal.

As his power continuously pa.s.sed in to the seal, a gush of gray mist continued to overflow from the palm of Xiu.

"Ugh!" Suddenly, a low groan came out of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth. She immediately sat up and opened her eyes.

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