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"Miss Long is very polite. It is nothing more than a little effort. You do not need to thank me. Escorting you on the way is also my agreement with Head Fang Qiu. And since I have already escorted you back, I only want to get the remuneration and will not continue to bother you." Her purpose had already been achieved. Aside from the artillery on the wall, everything else in the Blizzard City was not worthy of her interest. 

However, the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery was confidential. Even if she accepted the invitation of Long Xueyao to stay in Blizzard City, Long Xueyao would never give her the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery. In the end, she still had to think of ways to get that thing on her own. 

As Long Xueyao looked at Shen Yanxiao's resolute att.i.tude, her heart felt anxious. 

Not mentioning that she had some affection towards Shen Yanxiao, she was truly very grateful for Shen Yanxiao's help. 

Now, seeing her benefactor wanting to leave just because some people angered her, with her temper, how could she be willing? 

"Shen Jue, don't be angry. I know you are a good person!" Long Xueyao hurriedly opened her mouth. 

Shen Yanxiao chuckled loudly. The emotions that had been ignited by Gu Lan were calmed down by the words of Long Xueyao. 

Good person?

She was not a good person. She was even wondering right now how to get the blueprint of their Thunder Artillery.

Long Fei looked at his daughter's anxious appearance and could not help but sigh. 

“Little brother Shen Jue, everyone who arrives here in the city are all guests; moreover, you are the benefactor of my daughter. Reasonably, I can’t let you leave with a tired body. After all, the Barren Land is not a peaceful place. If you don’t mind, please rest in the residence for a few days before you leave the city.” Long Fei really appreciated Shen Yanxiao’s temperament. She was neither servile nor overbearing and was very unyielding. Such young people were rare nowadays. In the Divine Wind Alliance, among the younger generation, who would not be respectful when seeing their seniors? 

Those who dared to ignore their ident.i.ties were truly rare. 

There was no intention to curry favor and there was no false flattery. This kind of genuine youth made him feel very fond of this kid.

Long Fei’s proposal surprised Gu Lan on the side.

"Brother Long Fei, what are you doing?" His own son's rival was about to get lost, but who knew that Long Fei would actually personally ask him to stay! 

Long Fei smiled and looked at Gu Lan. His pair of eyes in that slightly pale face had a trace of firmness. 

“I thank Brother Gu for your concerns, but I can see that this little brother was decent, and he also saved my daughter. How can I requite good with evil?” 

Gu Lan’s heart creaked. When he was framing Shen Yanxiao, he was overhasty and did not hide his purpose well. Long Fei understood his actions, yet still defended Shen Yanxiao, which made him not say anything more.

Although Gu Lan's face was carrying a smile, he was secretly cursing in his heart.

Long Fei really was as shrewd as ever. 

Gu Lan did not talk again. If he continued speaking about this matter, he feared that Long Fei would be difficult to speak with later. 

Long Fei was the City Lord of Blizzard City after all. 

Long Fei knew that his warning had been received by Gu Lan. He looked back at Shen Yanxiao and his eyes were very sincere. 

"Little brother Shen Jue, you might as well consider it." 

Shen Yanxiao looked at Long Fei, and her mind had a little idea. When Long Xueyao invited her to stay, it was just to stay in the Blizzard City, this clearly had no advantage for her when it came to stealing the artillery blueprint. However, since it was Long Fei now asking her to stay, it meant that she would be resting in the City Lord Residence. 

If the blueprint of Thunder Artillery was really in the Blizzard City, then it should be in the City Lord Residence. 

And now, she had the advantage of being so close to her target. For Shen Yanxiao to not get excited was just impossible.

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