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Even though she and Gu Feng would not have died, those mercenaries who protected them would have certainly not survived.

By saying that, Gu Feng simply did not care about the lives of other people.

It was not only Long Xueyao who had felt that Gu Feng’s words were unreasonable.

Even the mercenaries who were treating their own wounds were secretly gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth in anger.

So, this young master only considered his and the young miss’s life, but did not consider the ordinary mercenaries’ lives? If it weren't for the youth called Shen Jue, they would have already been reduced to becoming those demons’ rations. But thankfully, they could live till now. Yet, Gu Feng actually said that Shen Jue was unnecessary.

It seriously made people’s blood run cold.

Although the status of the ordinary mercenaries was far less than Gu Feng’s, they mentally began to exclude this Gu Feng from their groups.

At the same time, they felt more and more grateful to Shen Yanxiao in their hearts.

"I don't want to say anything to you. You'd better go away and not disturb Shen Jue’s cultivation." Long Xueyao was thoroughly disappointed with Gu Feng. In Blizzard City, Gu Feng's performance was remarkable, but once a crisis occured, his hypocritical nature was exposed.

Long Xueyao now held him in contempt.

Gu Feng moved his mouth and wanted to say something, but he saw that Long Xueyao’s eyes were already cold.

He could only keep quiet while he could still do so. He couldn’t provoke Long Xueyao and make her unhappy just because of this poor boy.

However, he would not easily let go of Shen Yanxiao. Long Xueyao was so protective of this brat, she certainly had a very good impression of him. Long Xueyao was the one chosen to be his fiancee; how could he let other people s.n.a.t.c.h his chance.

In any case, their team would return to Blizzard City. Since this Shen Jue was going to escort them back, he must also enter the city.

Once they were in Blizzard City, in his territory, he had some ways to properly regulate this trash who could not differentiate good from bad.

The situation of the mercenary corps was not very optimistic. All the people were injured. All the Priests in their ranks had used up their magic, yet they were not able to treat everyone completely. The place they were in was really not safe. Therefore, Fang Qiu did not dare to delay too long and quickly had the team to move on.

Shen Yanxiao’s storage ring was filled with a lot of potions, and there were many healing potions inside, but she had no plans to take them out at all.

That would be a joke. The people of the Divine Wind Alliance had nothing to do with her whatsoever. Previously, the Blizzard City had also taken part in obstructing the construction of The Rising Sun City. Even though their actions were relatively small, and they did not really intend to torment Shen Yanxiao, it was impossible for her to requite evil with good.

She agreed to Fang Qiu’s request because of her own interests.

If there had been no benefit for her, she wouldn’t have rushed to help the enemy. She was not that stupid.

Looking at the miserable team of mercenaries who were traveling along the road, Shen Yanxiao did not have the slightest bit of mental burden.

This was exactly what she wanted; otherwise, how could they attract the demons to attack?

The people Gu Lan and Long Fei had sent to protect Long Xueyao and Gu Feng had already died, and Fang Qiu’s men could hardly support themselves. The other two were pampered and spoiled young master and miss since childhood. Their journey back to the Blizzard City would not be easy.

Long Xueyao was not so delicate. Although she was a Magician, she also tried to take care of some of the wounded, not repulsed by the blood that stained her skirt.

It was Gu Feng who had a taut face along the way. They hadn’t been walking for very long but he had already begun to complain, and his words were even quite impolite. This made the mercenaries who had already been dissatisfied with him hate him even more. 

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