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Long Fei’s father was the real founder of Blizzard City and was also the former head of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. Long Fei took over the Blizzard City and Blizzard Mercenary Corps after his father’s death. Although he did not have the dazzling achievements of his father, under Long Fei's management, both Blizzard City and Blizzard Mercenary Corps were well-managed. In addition, more than two decades ago, Long Fei had also opened another city with the foundation of Blizzard City. 

Shen Yanxiao’s understanding of Long Fei was according to what she heard from Du Lang’s mouth. 

They were both mercenaries, and Du Lang's evaluation of Long Fei was quite high. 

Shen Yanxiao’s impression of Long Fei was not so bad. At least, he taught his daughter well. 

“City Lord, we’re guilty of failing to complete the task!” Fang Qiu was ashamed and took the initiative to beg for forgiveness. 

On Long Fei’s pale face, there was a hint of gentleness as he said, "Of course, the Joy-Sucking Gra.s.s is not easy to find. You have also worked hard." For Fang Qiu’s and others’ failure, he did not have too much censure. 

Fang Qiu was even more guilty and had to tell Long Fei all the things that had happened in the northern border mountains. 

After listening, a glimmer of surprise appeared on Long Fei’s face. 

"That demon was so cunning that he could escape our eyes and ears." This matter had to be taken seriously. This time, although they were lucky enough to escape, if there was a next time, no one knew what would happen. 

"Thanks to Shen Jue, we could escape the disaster." Fang Qiu also did not rob the merit, and directly brought up Shen Yanxiao. 

When Long Fei heard his words, he immediately looked in Shen Yanxiao’s direction. 

According to Long Fei’s discerning eyes, this youth's strength was great. Furthermore, Fang Qiu had also said that this youngster could fight the higher demons alone without suffering any damage. Long Fei could not help but sigh. 

Just how ferocious were the higher demons? Even a Second Stage Professional could hardly resist them, but this youth not only fought two higher demons by himself in the initial battle but also undertook the task to escort Long Xueyao back to the city and faced off more demons. Without saying anything else, Long Fei had already been grateful for the fact that the other party had protected his only daughter.

"Little brother Shen Jue, I am truly grateful that you saved Yao Yao. I can’t express in words how grateful I am. If you need help in the future, I will definitely lend you a hand!” Long Fei did not take into account his ident.i.ty; cupping one fist in the other hand and bending his waist over, he stood on ceremony before facing Shen Yanxiao. 

Shen Yanxiao slightly raised an eyebrow. Just how distinguished was the status of this Long Fei in the Divine Wind Alliance? Yet, he did not even hesitate to stand on ceremony before her. He was indeed from a generation of heroes, without any pretentiousness. 

Her heart couldn’t help but regard Long Fei more highly. 

“Lord Long Fei is very kind and polite. It’s no more than just a slight effort. It’s nothing much.” Shen Yanxiao also did not deny his grat.i.tude. Whether her original intention was to pull demons to practice with or to save Long Xueyao, in any case, Long Fei believed she was a benefactor. Why should she not accept it? 

To gain something one must not be a fool. 

She was not a person of n.o.ble character. 

She was a "vile person" or in other words a "woman."[1]

"Please sit!" Long Fei smiled. 

Shen Yanxiao naturally sat. Long Fei immediately let people bring tea. 

"What a young hero. Shen Jue has such a cultivation at such a young age. You really make my generation ashamed." The middle-aged man, who silently sat all this time, suddenly remarked. 

Shen Yanxiao smiled, and she had long guessed the other's ident.i.ty. 

The middle-aged man's appearance could also be considered handsome; his temperament was also very upright; his and Gu Feng’s forehead were very similar, and it made Shen Yanxiao dislike him. This fellow was definitely Gu Feng's father, the head of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps— Gu Lan.

[1]1] cause you know they say women are vile creatures… *roll eyes* It’s the entire human race for s.h.i.+t sake. XD

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