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"Yes." Shen Yanxiao patiently nodded.

The shorter demon shut his mouth. There indeed existed humans with special physiques.Those people could learn both dou qi and magic at the same time. And such people were tricky for the demons because they could effectively avoid being detected by the demon’s perception since they were capable of switching the dou qi and magic in their bodies. 

Only, people with this unique physique had not appeared among the Human Race for hundreds of years. 

"I admit defeat." The shorter demon knew what to say by this time. Among all of the human professions, the one that could restrain the demons the most was the Warlock. The effects of the curse techniques of the Warlocks were infinitely expanded when used against the demons. Human beings had spiritual force and could develop a certain resistance to curses, but the demons did not. 

This was why, the curse that Shen Yanxiao used on him was working so well. 

Except for his eyes and mouth, the shorter demon couldn’t move now at all. He knew very well that he had already failed, and even if he resisted, it would bring no effect whatsoever. 

The only result would be being tortured by this kid. 

"Kill me or dismember me if you wish, it’s my fault for having skill inferior to a human." The shorter demon closed their eyes. Their plan for several months had been about to succeed, but they had no idea that they would be disrupted by a human kid. 

Now that he had fallen in the hands of this young boy, knowing that the demons and the human beings could not coexist, he had already guessed his own fate. 

However, after waiting for a long time, the shorter demon could no longer wait for the death he had envisioned. He opened his eyes with some doubts, only to see that pair of smiling eyes.

"Don't be nervous. I’m not going to kill you. Didn’t I say that if I win, you just need to let go of these people." She was the chief representative for the demons’ love and protection. Besides, she originally wanted to recruit these two cunning demons. How could she kill her future generals? 

"You won't kill me?" The shorter demon looked as if he had seen a ghost. 

"I’m a demon, you are a human, you’re really not going to kill me?" He completely did not understand Shen Yanxiao's thinking.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow. 

"Why would I kill you? So what if you’re a demon? What if I am a human? Will you demons still continue to eat people if you have dark elements?" 

“Dark elements? How did you know..." The shorter demon was somewhat astonished. He had been in the human world for thousands of years, and almost no man still remembered that the real food of the demons was the dark elements. Everyone regarded the human beings as demons’ food. 

Shen Yanxiao grinned and silently took out the black crystal from her storage ring. She then dangled it in front of the shorter demon's nose before immediately stuffing it back. 

It was just a short one or two seconds, but the familiar fragrance had already made the shorter demon’s eyes s.h.i.+ne with light. 

"It is the scent of the dark elements!" The long-lost delicacy left the shorter demon in such a trance that he had forgotten his current situation. He narrowed his eyes in satisfaction.


Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "Do you want it?" 

The shorter demon immediately nodded. 

Shen Yanxiao, like petting a pet, patted the head of the shorter demon and said, "Follow me and you will have endless dark elements." 

"Follow... you?" The shorter demon was stunned. 

"Yes, follow me." Shen Yanxiao then whispered, "Take your kin and go to The Rising Sun City in the east, there will be good things waiting for you."

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