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Knowing that he would not die, Gu Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Being a hostage is nothing. In any case, as long as they won’t kill us, Yaoyao, I will protect you!" No longer having to worry about his life, Gu Feng immediately recalled his intention of getting closer to Long Xueyao. He pretended to be strong as he stood in front of Long Xueyao, displaying the manner of a “Hero” saving the beauty. 

Long Xueyao looked at him and did not speak. 

"Oh, knowing that you will not die, you become so relaxed? Human beings are really hypocritical. Do you even have the ability to protect her?” The higher demons had already come in front of the two people, so Gu Feng’s words fell into their ears. 

They thought that this human being was really ridiculously hypocritical. One second he was like a frightened quail, but after knowing that he would not die, he shamelessly put on a heroic posture the next second. 

He did not seem to realize at all that although they could survive, the mercenaries who were desperately fighting to protect them would go into the demons’ mouths. 

"You...don't come here!" In the face of the higher demons at such a close distance, Gu Feng felt a chill all over his body. He clearly remembered that the ten Senior Professionals his father had sent to protect him were torn to pieces under the hands of these demons. 

“ father is Gu Lan, the head of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps! He will give you a lot of slaves! As long as you don’t kill me!” The heroic att.i.tude that Gu Feng had just displayed  a moment ago had been defeated by the aggressive pressure of the higher demons. 

"I know. Young Master of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corps, you can rest a.s.sured that I will not kill you." The taller demon issued a low laugh before his gaze s.h.i.+fted to Long Xueyao. 

 Long Xueyao’s eyes were very sharp and she appeared to be not as frightened as Gu Feng. She stared at the two higher demons in an un.o.btrusive manner, and her hands were in a state of alert. She seemed to be ready to attack at any time. 

The taller demon raised his eyebrow. 

"Young City Lord of Blizzard City, Long Xueyao. Do you wish to fight us?" 

Long Xueyao sneered at them and did not answer.

Gu Feng was tensed as he rushed to say, "No! We will not fight! As long as you don’t kill us! Both our fathers will give you many good things, as long as you don’t hurt us!" 

For a future Corps Head of such a dignified mercenary corps to actually beg for mercy without any dignity before the demons, it really made people look at him with disdain.

Long Xueyao scornfully looked at Gu Feng, but her eyes were still watching the movements around her. 

The mercenaries used their last strength to protect both of them, their blood flowing through the ground and stained the soil under their feet. 

Long Xueyao herself was also from a mercenary corps. She treated the mercenaries like a relative. She could not just ignore the sacrifices made by others unlike Gu Feng. 

Long Xueyao took a deep breath. She was just a Magician and had just reached the level of Intermediate Magician. Could she deal with the higher demons that even Fang Qiu could not beat?


She didn't want her hands to be bound and just wait to be captured! 

Even after being aware of the fact the she was no match for them, Long Xueyao still lifted the staff in her hands and immediately released flame bombs toward the two higher demons. 

The moment the blazing flames touched the two higher demons, the flames were easily crushed by them. 

"Human, do you want to enrage us?" The shorter demon disbelievingly looked at the slightly thin human girl. He never expected that, at this point, she would still dare to resist!

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