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The few adolescents looked over the pet.i.te person in front of them. After sizing the young person in front of them updown, they saw that the counterpart’s appearance not only didn’t have any distinctive features—which in turn didn’t even draw the slightest bit of other’s attention—but that even the adolescent’s clothes were extremely common. Adding on the th adolescent’s pet.i.te figure, it wasn’t any sort of wonder that anyone hadn’t taken note of his existence.

Looking at the adolescent’s appearance, they weren’t even sure which ordinary home this youngster had come from; so much so that they were skeptical  to the point of questioning if this person was actually able to pay the expensive tuition fees required if this person was to even pa.s.s the Holy Roland School’s exam.

Although these few adolescent’s clan’s reputations weren’t ill.u.s.trious, they were still very rich. As they were confronting someone that seemed so much like a youngster that had came from a poor clan, it was natural that they’d have a sort of spontaneous haughtiness.

“What you’re asking is certainly quite odd, for who wouldn’t know that the pharmaceutical branch from the Holy Roland School is already extremely well-known for its difficult exam. So many people have taken it, and yet they were still unable to pa.s.s the exam. You have to realize that the pharmaceutical branch here has also fostered numerous high level pharmacist of our own country. So, how could it be possible for anyone to just be able to enter the Holy Roland School just like that.” A youngster that was rather arrogant opened his mouth and said.

The thing that had the highest reputation within the Holy Roland School was precisely the pharmaceutical branch. The requirements to nurture a pharmacist to a certain level were far more challenging compared to other schools of talents. If one wanted to fully nurture an outstanding pharmacist, not only was the pharmacist’s own gift in the field needed, but the pharmacist also needed a formidable force backing them.

Before the pharmacist became famous, the cost of refining medicines was astronomical. There was no need to speak about an ordinary household’s income, for even if it was a rich clan, it’d still be an extremely economically challenging thing for the said clan to provide and raise a pharmacist.

The acc.u.mulation of all the costs needed for the equipment used in refining, combined with the necessary herbs… simply wasn’t a value that an average person was capable of paying.

Everyone knew that a low level pharmacist was already capable of generating a certain amount of wealth, but they also knew that, if one wanted to rise from an apprentice pharmacist to a low-level pharmacist, the amount of money one needed was enormous. Rather than say that a pharmacist is a money-making profession, it’d actually be better to say that it’s one that forcibly obtains money, and grinds out talent in return.

One of the main reasons pharmacists were so scarce was because the actual cost required to raise one was was large enough that caused a great majority of people to be intimidated at simply the first glance.

The knowledge that was to be ground out, depended on the financial grindstone that was employed. This sentence was practically tailored for the pharmacists.

It was hard to blame these few adolescents for looking down upon the small dest.i.tute b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of them, because no matter which aspect they saw it from, it was unlikely that this kind of person would become their future cla.s.smate. In the Holy Roland School, there wasn’t anyone that had come from a poor family.

Although this small adolescent in front of them didn’t seem particularly poverty-stricken, the clothes on his body seemed to be on the same level as their clans’ servants. Therefore, how could this adolescent afford the tuition fee?

People like this, who were unexpectedly still overestimating their capabilities by inquiring about the pharmaceutical branch, were simply just a joke.

“You aren’t actually thinking of taking the entrance exam for the pharmaceutical branch, right?” Those few adolescents sn.i.g.g.e.ring as they looked at a certain person who seemed to be overestimating his capabilities.

The tiny small adolescent in front them smiled and nodded. The extremely genuine smiling expression actually added a hint of gentleness to his facial features.

“Haha, this is the funniest joke that I’ve heard of this year. Boy, do you know how much a the tuition fee for a year in the pharmaceutical branch is? Even if you sold your entire family, you still wouldn’t be able to afford it. You should pack up that unrealistic expectation of yours early, and turn back.”

The adolescents’ ridicule wasn’t masked in the least, for they simply didn’t care about the reaction of a commoner.

The small adolescent that was standing near them and being ridiculed was actually touching his nose.

He couldn’t afford it, even if he sold his entire family?

He really wasn’t sure how much money he’d get from selling off everyone within the Vermillion Bird Clan.

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