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Long Xueyao slightly raised her chin and looked at the two demons before she said in a neither servile nor overbearing tone, "I will not be your hostage. I know I am not your opponent, but what you can obtain in the end is only my corpse!" She would not allow these demons to use her as a tool to threaten her father. 

Her mercenary blood did not allow her to live such a dishonorable life! 

"Very well." The higher demons had been angered by Long Xueyao. 

"You want to die? But we will not let you do so. If you still resist, then I will eat your hands and feet and tie you up. Anyway, as long as you’re alive, you will still be useful in moving your father." One of the demon said cruelly. 

Gu Feng looked anxiously at Long Xueyao. 

"Yao Yao! Are you stupid? You... you really don't want to live? Why would you want to resist?!" 

Long Xueyao pushed Gu Feng away when he walked near her. She refused to admit that such a person like him came from the same mercenary world as her. 

The two higher demons looked at each other and immediately rushed towards Long Xueyao. In their view, such a small human being was simply not their opponent. 

However, just as their figures pounced on the two people, the two demons saw a flash of light in front of their eyes, and when they were about to continue their actions, Long Xueyao had already disappeared. 

"Such cruelty is not appropriate. Using a ruthless hand against such a beautiful lady, you have no manners ah." A still somewhat young and immature voice rang above the two demons. 

They looked up in awe, only to see that halfway up the huge boulder, a pet.i.te youngster was carrying Long Xueyao in her arm as she stepped on the protruding part of the boulder with a smile. 

"Human." The two higher demons narrowed their eyes as they tried to smell the breath of humanity from the youngster’s body. 

However, it was very strange. They hadn’t caught her smell at all prior to this. 

Where did she pop out from? How could she save Long Xueyao from under their eyes?

Long Xueyao, who had been rescued, had already come back to her senses. She looked at the smiling youngster who was carrying her. 

She had just been ready to die, but she did not think that in the next second, she would fall into the arms of others and stay away from danger. 

She looked at the young man holding herself. The playful smile hanging on his unremarkable small face and his curved eyebrows made people feel very attracted. 

"Who are you?" Surprise emerged in the corner of Long Xueyao’s eyes. She had never seen this boy before. Why did he save her? 

This someone who suddenly appeared as a rescuer was Shen Yanxiao in a face-changing mask. She originally wanted to let the two demons play a bit more before she shot, but then, she accidentally heard Long Xueyao’s words. 

This girl was very strong. She did not want to bow down in the face of a demon who was much stronger than her. 

She would rather burn both jade and common stone than to be a chip that could be used to threaten her own father. 

For having such a filial piety, and having a strong character, Shen Yanxiao decided to rescue her once. 

Shen Yanxiao smiled and lowered her head. Naughtily blinking her eyes at Long Xueyao, she said, "My name is Shen Jue." Then she put Long Xueyao down on the stone step. 

"Shen Jue..." Long Xueyao hesitantly repeated her name. 

Shen Yanxiao did not have the heart to accompany her and continue discussing her ident.i.ty. She stepped forward and walked to the edge of the stone step. She squatted down and waved at the two stunned higher demons below. 

"One of your goals is with me now. If you want to continue your plans, you should fight me first."

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