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“Looking at the situation, they will not be able to support themselves for a long time.” Hiding atop the boulder, Shen Yanxiao watched the scene below. The demons and humans were no different to her. But she finally found a bunch of demons after looking for a long time; if she just slipped away now, wouldn’t it be a pity? 

Stroking her chin, Shen Yanxiao thought of a good idea. 

She was planning to find some higher demons to fight with, but if there were so many lower demons around, it would be troublesome... 

Below the huge boulder, the mercenaries who were already at the end of the rope looked at the demons in desperation.

Fang Qiu's mouth was panting and the blood on his arm continued to leak. 

Their team originally came to this mountain to look for a medicinal herb. Fang Qiu was the head of a large mercenary corps. He took three or four hundred mercenaries into the mountains as a countermeasure, but he did not really want to encounter this kind of thing. 

The demons in the forest were different from those residing in the city. There were very few of them who would gather in large groups. Fang Qiu initially had a positive att.i.tude before entering this mountain, but he did not expect that they would come across such a disaster. 

If he were alone, it would not have been impossible for him to have simply broken out of this encirclement with his strength. After all, he was already an Advanced Swordsman. Even if he could not resist the enemy, he could still escape. 


Fang Qiu took a look at the man and woman who were being protected by numerous mercenaries and felt rather helpless. 

What they were looking for this time was a medicinal herb called Joy-Sucking Gra.s.s, to treat the illness of the head of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. The backgrounds of the man and woman behind him were not small. The young man was the son of the head of the Iron Blood Mercenary Corp, one of the five major mercenary corps of the Divine Wind Alliance; his name was Gu Feng. And the young lady was the daughter of the City Lord of Blizzard City, Long Xueyao. 

Because Joy-Sucking Gra.s.s would be used to treat the illness of the City Lord of Blizzard City, Long Xueyao took the task of finding the herb upon herself as an act of filial piety. As for Gu Feng, he wanted to follow Long Xueyao. 

Since it was an exploration in the Barren Land, Fang Qiu initially did not want to bring these young master and young miss. However, the heads of Blizzard Mercenary Corps and Iron Blood Mercenary Corps made a speech and asked him to bring the two people with them, and also placed all kinds of Senior Professionals for their safety.

Fang Qiu then complied. 

But not long after they met the demons, the 20 Senior Professionals were all killed in the hands of the two higher demons, and Fang Qiu also lost half of his own mercenaries. And now, they had been forced into their present situation. . 

Fang Qiu would like to escape very much, but if he escaped alone, Long Xueyao and Gu Feng would surely die. Once it was discovered by the two corps heads, then he would also meet his death. 

Fang Qiu had no choice but to fight. However, seeing the strength the two higher demons before them, Fang Qiu's heart was bleeding. 

Even though he was an Advanced Swordsman, he was still not the opponent of these two higher demons! 

All sides were hopeless; Fang Qiu was in complete despair. 

He could only look at the two higher demons and say, "Since you two are leaders of these demons, I believe you are not unreasonable. We come from the Blizzard City. Over the years, though Blizzard City and the demons haven't gotten along with each other, they still lived in harmony. Please, I ask the two leaders to be magnanimous and give us a way out."

The intelligence of the higher demons were comparable to that of humans. Fang Qiu could only choose to use such a method to discuss with the two higher demons. 

"Ha?" One of the higher demons seemed to have heard a big joke and burst into laughter. He looked at Fang Qiu and said, "Did I hear you correctly? A human being actually dares to negotiate with demons like this? So what if you came from Blizzard City? In the end, you lot are humans, and we are demons. You're still just food to us."

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