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Shen Yanxiao decided to put these matters aside and make a proper plan for each of them later on. For now, she needed to hide herself in her room and cultivate.

Ever since she came to The Rising Sun City, she did not have the chance to cultivate her dou qi and magic. And even after the fifth layer of the seal was unlocked, there was still no progress, causing the great uncle Xiu to be furious. 

And so, the spartlike training was carried out by Xiu in a vigorous and chaotic manner. He would ruthlessly strike this famous little girl whenever she would goof off in the middle of their training.

"Hey, it is not my fault that there were a lot of matters to handle.” Shen Yanxiao was in a cross-legged position while sitting on top of the bed. Although Xiu’s tone did not rise nor fall, she could still somehow sense that he was truly furious.

'A lot?' Xiu’s voice was as cold as the Atlantic Ocean.

Shen Yaxiao swallowed her saliva. Okay, she admitted that although there were indeed a lot of matters, she still wasted most of her time goofing around. 

But this could not be blamed on her! 

Thinking about it, she had only been in this world for almost one year, and most of her time was wasted on various cultivations, different challenges and a lot of setbacks. Her bones were not made of iron and obviously, she could not stand these bone-piercing torments. The most terrible thing was the mental exhaustion that came with it.

The more things she learned, the more things she needed to think about. Several problems had started piling up in her head and soon, she was overwhelmed. 

In any case, she was still fourteen years old this year, yet she felt like she was doing a forty-year-old man’s job. 

“The matter of successfully establis.h.i.+ng The Rising Sun City?” Shen Yanxiao unconsciously shrunk her neck. Obviously, she could still clearly see that iceberg’s handsome face but, nevertheless, she was afraid and scared without knowing why. 

'This is just a mere city. Even if you get the entire Barren Land, so what? In the end you are just some overlord from the Radiance Continent.’ There was a hint of disdain in Xiu’s voice. 

"..." Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry. G.o.d knew how many people drooled in envy towards her for becoming a City Lord of this place. If someone could get the entire Barren Land, then that person could absolutely dominate the Radiance Continent. Yet such a splendid accomplishment before Xiu actually became… like nothing... 

Shen Yanxiao felt like hitting a wall. She felt that even if she could get the entire Radiance Continent, it was very likely that this great uncle would say it was just a piece of cake and it was not something worth celebrating over.

"Is it my fault that I wish to build my own military base?” Shen Yanxiao knew that she had provoked a lot of people. To ensure that no matter what happened, her family and friends would still be safe, she planned to enlist soldiers to train.

'Military?’ Xiu’s voice slightly raised. 

'You mean those ants with tiny strength, you call those military?’ 

“..." Shen Yanxiao wanted to faint. Xiu’s tone was filled with extreme contempt. She had no doubt that if she nodded now, Xiu would instantly despise her eighteen previous generations of ancestors.  

"Training them slowly should be able to…” Shen Yanxiao lowered her head, her hands trembling at the side. She was afraid that before Xiu, even the all-powerful people in the Radiance Continent would only shrink in fear and not have the guts to be compared with him. 

As a matter of fact, this was rational! 

'You will?' 


‘Then who will train them?' 

"Du Lang…”

'He's a mercenary.' 

“My fifth uncle…” 

‘He only trains your family guards.’

“..." Shen Yanxiao simply decided to shut up. Before Xiu, her poisonous tongue was instantly useless. 

If she did not break the silence, then she would suffer in silence. Shen Yanxiao felt like she was going to die. 

While she was despising herself and unable to show her face, Xiu suddenly said,

‘I can help you train them.'

"!!!" Shen Yanxiao’s face that was almost pale, was filled with blood in a flash and her spirit had been fully resurrected!

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