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Shen Jiayi truly hated Shen Yanxiao. If there were no Shen Yanxiao, her life would not be reduced to this level. All of this was Shen Yanxiao’s fault. 


Why had she been used as a guinea pig, while Shen Yanxiao was still alive and kicking? And as if inheriting the Vermillion Bird Clan was not enough, she also had such a perfect city and was surrounded by a group of such outstanding and elegant handsome young men. 

She was nothing more than a hybrid, a mixture of human and elf who didn’t deserve to live in the world! 

Yet why were all the good things in the world sent to her, while Shen Jiayi herself was becoming more and more miserable? 

If there were no Shen Yanxiao... 

If there were no Shen Yanxiao, all these would likely belong to her! 

There was a vicious hatred on Shen Jiayi’s scar-covered face. Shen Jiayi vented all her anger on Shen Jiawei. This thing that had also suffered bitterly outside actually had the face to make an excuse for Shen Yanxiao! 

"Sister, please stop hitting me!" Shen Jiawei curled up his s.h.i.+vering body on the ground. He took the heavy strikes from Shen Jiayi as his face was covered with tears. He didn't know what was going on with his sister. Why could Shen Jiayi not fully understand their situation? 

"I will kill you or you’ll just be a disgrace if kept alive.You like to curry favor with that b.i.t.c.h, huh? Then I'll kill you! Let’s see if you can still continue to bow down to her!" Shen Jiayi was  getting more and more indignant, the strikes from her hands and feet becoming more and more brutal. 

Shen Jiawei’s eyesight was already starting to become faint, and his body kept on twitching until he finally collapsed on the floor. 

Shen Jiayi finally felt tired and just left angrily. 

She was not going to let Shen Yanxiao have a better life; she would take back everything she had lost! 

The people who had been arranged for by Vicious Wolf came to the courtyard and saw Shen Jiawei’s collapsed figure. They rushed to help him, putting him inside a room. 

Shen Jiawei had fallen into a coma with tears on his face. His twitching lips were still muttering. 

"Stop hitting..."

This matter was quickly known by Shen Yanxiao. Vicious Wolf had left after taking them in their courtyard, and when the people he instructed to come arrived, they saw Shen Jiawei lying on the ground. Even a fool would know who did it. 

These siblings were really unpredictable. 

“I think Shen Jiawei has already learned his lesson now, but that Shen Jiayi seems to be as annoying as before.” Tang Nazhi heard the news and couldn’t help but click his tongue. The elder sister still had the mood to hit her younger brother despite the current state they were in now. 

"Shen Jiawei is not too bad. It’s only that he was used to acting as Shen Jiayi's lackey, and has only listened to her words up until now." Shen Yanxiao actually quite understood this pair of siblings. Shen Jiawei was not too vicious, and his courage was too small. The evil things they often did were all proposed by Shen Jiayi.


Even when they bullied her, it was all Shen Jiayi’s idea.

"Shen Jiawei may have been sincerely repenting, but it’s not necessarily so for Shen Jiayi. You still have to have people continue to monitor her." Qi Xia said. 

"That is natural." She had never thought that that brat Shen Jiayi would become a new person. 

After suffering so much, she still refused to change. Shen Yanxiao only feared that she still hated her to the bone. 

She would also continue to observe Shen Jiawei. If he was truly repenting now, then in consideration of Shen Feng, she would also treat him a little better.

"When are you going to let them meet your grandfather?" Yang Xi asked. 

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei currently had injuries on their bodies. If she took them to see Shen Feng now, he would only be distressed. 

"When their injuries are healed, I will bring them to grandpa."

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