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Shen Yanxiao did not set aside the establishment of the Oriental City because of the beast tide. She had already sent a group of workers. The rest depended on their speed. 

She only needed to sit in The Rising Sun City and play Tai Chi with the people of the G.o.d’s Domain. 


Who could tell her what was the matter with that young sister who had been fixedly staring at her all day long? 

“Previously, Vermillion Bird was awakened thanks to the help of the Holy Sage. The Vermillion Bird Clan is truly grateful.” Shen Feng's att.i.tude toward the Holy Sage was very modest. Even if the other person looked about the age of his grandson, his tone was still very respectful. 

"This is the responsibility of the G.o.d’s Domain, there’s no need to thank me. Moreover, I also received a magical beast from the Vermillion Bird Clan that day; you don’t owe me anything." The Holy Sage faintly smiled; there was not the slightest arrogance. 

This harmonious chat was much more appropriate. But Shen Yanxiao, who was invited along, was uncomfortable. 

From the moment Shen Yanxiao had appeared in the room, the eyes of the young girl who was sitting next to the Holy Sage had not left her body even once. 

If she were a man, Shen Yanxiao could understand it somehow. But they were both women ah. This young lady did not even gaze at the five handsome and peerless young men who was with her and instead, she was constantly staring at her; was she h.o.m.os.e.xual? 

Although Shen Yanxiao’s impression of Nangong Mengmeng was good, she could not stand the fiery gaze of Nangong Mengmeng at all. 

She tried her best to dodge her eyes left and right. She really did not dare to look back at her. 

The women around Shen Yanxiao were not many. The female Phoenix, whom she usually spent all day with, had an appearance as gentle as water. Yin Jiuchen, who was like a younger sister to her, had a much more subtle gaze when compared with Nangong Mengmeng’s, although she was also very obsessed with following her around. And there was also that one who loved to be pesky. 

Yao Ji... 

With Yao Ji’s degree of seductiveness, she could not be considered h.o.m.os.e.xual. Furthermore, she really enjoyed teasing Du Lang all day long. 

Aside from these three, Shen Yanxiao seemed to have no other women around her.

Although she bought a thousand female slaves before and after building her city, the female slaves all treated her like a savior. Not to mention eagerly staring straight at her eyes, looking directly at Shen Yanxiao’s face was blasphemy for them. 

Let alone being close to her. 

Although this Nangong Mengmeng had not spoken with Shen Yanxiao, her gaze was absolutely blazing with fire. 

The five animals that had been neglected were sitting on the side, looking at the opposite Nangong Mengmeng.

"I say, does that girl have special tendencies? Has she taken a fancy to our family's Little Xiao?" Tang Nazhi stared at Nangong Mengmeng. This maiden could only be considered as delicate, nothing compared to Shen Yanxiao. However, her eyes were really weird. 

Tang Nazhi had never seen her eyes move away from Shen Yanxiao. She didn’t even spare them, the five talented youths in the prime of their lives, a glance even from the corner of her eyes. 

Their dignity as men had been greatly challenged. Tang Nazhi had always liked to flirt with ladies, but this time, he was very honest and did not dare approach Nangong Mengmeng too closely. 

Don’t be funny. Was there a simple woman in the G.o.d’s Domain? 

He still didn’t want to die. 

"So, Little Xiao is actually the type to attract both men and women." Qi Xia smilingly stroked his chin. He was ignored for the first time by a woman. And the reason for ignoring him was actually a little girl. This really made people not know whether to laugh or cry. 

"You guys are free to say that you’re jealous more straightforwardly." Yan Yu faintly looked at the two people. 


Why would they be jealous? Would it be possible for a 14-year-old little girl to be the cause of their jealousy? 

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