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No matter what her status was, she was still from the G.o.d’s Domain. The people of the G.o.d’s Domain had always been arrogant. It was absolutely impossible to allow their people to wors.h.i.+p under the door of a mere mortal. This thought of Shen Yanxiao immediately ignited a hope.

She didn't feel anything wrong about defining herself as a mere mortal.

However, after Nangong Mengmeng heard the condition, her face immediately revealed joy.

Wasn’t this too simple? His Royal Highness had always been the easiest to speak with. As long as she pestered him relentlessly, His Royal Highness would absolutely agree. In addition, His Royal Highness had always been concerned about her idol as well. This thing was absolutely easy to do!

"Future master, please kindly wait, I will immediately go to His Royal Highness... Uh... to the Holy Sage to discuss!” Nangong Mengmeng firmly clenched her fists and flew away from the crowd like a swallow.

Shen Yanxiao was greatly relieved.

Qi Xia looked thoughtfully at Shen Yanxiao.

"Have you noticed the girl's slip of the tongue?" Qi Xia asked.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised. This reminded her of the fact that Nangong Mengmeng, due to excitement, seemed to have called the Holy Sage as... His Royal Highness?

"There’s someone in the G.o.d’s Domain who is referred to as His Royal Highness?" Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned. Nangong Mengmeng's verbal mistake was obviously a slip of the tongue.

It seemed that their previous guess was correct. The Holy Sage, who was presently in The Rising Sun City, was also from the G.o.d's Domain. It was only that he was not the real Holy Sage but... "His Royal Highness"?

"I seem to have heard of it." Yan Yu seemed to have thought of something.

"Let us hear it." The group of people finally caught a clue and immediately became excited.

Yan Yu said, "It was my grandfather who told me about it on the day when the Holy Sage came to the White Tiger Clan to awaken the White Tiger for us. At that time, our clan was full of respect for the Holy Sage. We thought that the Holy Sage is the highest existence in the G.o.d’s Domain, but my grandfather said that he is not. Although the Holy Sage is powerful, he too will also meet the end of his life span. Therefore, the Holy Sage status is inherited from generation to generation to control the G.o.d’s Domain. And the Holy Sage of each generation is chosen by another person. But the G.o.d’s Domain has never mentioned the origin nor name of that person. Everyone knows that there is such a person, but no one knows who exactly he is.”

For the quick-witted members of the Phantom group, after hearing Yan Yu’s story, they already had a speculation in their minds.

"I wonder how the G.o.d’s Domain can support themselves up to this day and still enjoy their never weakening reputation. The former Holy Sage of the G.o.d’s Domain pa.s.sed away a hundred years ago. Afterwards, the seat of the Holy Sage was left empty for many years. The one who summoned our Mythological Beasts is the new generation’s Holy Sage. But during that period of time when the Holy Sage position was vacant, the G.o.d’s Domain had not been affected in the slightest; not even when there was no one with the same power to a.s.sume personal command. This situation is truly strange. After hearing Ah-Yu’s words today, I actually think that what the old man of the White Tiger Clan had said is true.” Qi Xia said, having seemingly caught on to something.

“Oh, you mean to say that the man in old man Yan’s words is this “His Royal Highness” from the mouth of that Nangong Mengmeng girl?” Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva, taking the conversation seriously. If that person had the same level of authority with the Holy Sage or even higher, it was understandable why the G.o.d envoys would condone the other person posing as the Holy Sage.

"I think it is possible." Yang Xi nodded his head.

Li Xiaowei looked at the crowd. After hesitating for a bit, he slowly said, "Actually, I may know a little about this Royal Highness in the G.o.d’s Domain."

"Brother! You know such big gossip?!" Tang Nazhi looked at his brother in horror.

Li Xiaowei only scratched his head and said, "It's not me, it's my master..." 

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