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"Ah-Yu, you’ve been corrupted by bad examples." Qi Xia looked at Yan Yu with a very sad expression. He was the most pure and gentle of them all. How did this piece of clear spring become black water without them realizing?

"Anyone who keeps being close with wolves will obviously learn to howl." Yan Yu cleverly retorted.

Who were the wolves he kept being close with? Aside from the members of their Phantom group, who else?

A group of people had tried to hara.s.s Yan Yu but were instead hara.s.sed by him. They silently lamented the soaring fighting prowess of Yan Yu.

This was definitely the influence of those two animals, Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia.

Shen Yanxiao couldn't sit still any longer. Knowing that the other person was a counterfeit Holy Sage and being stared at by Nangong Mengmeng with a fiery look, she felt that the air around her was somewhat thin.

"Holy Sage, Grandpa, I still have things to deal with. You must talk first." Shen Yanxiao gave an excuse to sneak out.

She was the City Lord and she managed everything in the city. This chit-chatting was not suitable for her.

Nangong Mengmeng was moved by the brilliant and diligent image of Shen Yanxiao. She sang a hundred praises for her in her heart.

Her idol was really busy working every day.

"Go ahead." Shen Feng smiled and did not force her to stay anymore. Old people like him wished to have contact with the G.o.d’s Domain more. However, his granddaughter was still young so she was probably feeling uncomfortable.

"Yes." Shen Yanxiao replied and retreated almost immediately. But before leaving, she also called on her five loyal partners.

Thus, the five animals also followed after her. Their excuse was naturally to help Shen Yanxiao deal with things.

Until the six people were gone, Nangong Mengmeng reluctantly stared at the door; there were a series of activities in her heart.

After a moment, she found an excuse...

"Holy Sage, my stomach aches." Nangong Mengmeng pitifully covered her belly, signalling the Holy Sage to ask if she could leave.

How could the Holy Sage not know her little thoughts? Without much reluctance, he let her go.

Nangong Mengmeng got her freedom. She immediately flew out and looked around to find where Shen Yanxiao had gone to.

At this time, the members of Phantom had gathered in the back garden of the City Lord Residence.

“What do you think of the Holy Sage?” Shen Yanxiao considered it for a long time and decided to tell them a few of Xiu’s speculations.

"Just so-so." Tang Nazhi was not clear, but he didn't feel bad about the Holy Sage. Just, he was too aloof to play with them; they could still pay him a visit, though.

"Good demeanour, calm temperament." Yan Yu said his evaluation.

“What did you have in mind?” Qi Xia thought that Shen Yanxiao would not ask such question for no reason. Suddenly asking people how they felt about the Holy Sage was a bit strange.

She was not a gossipy person. If it were Tang Nazhi who had asked, then that would be normal.

Qi Xia's attentiveness made Shen Yanxiao laugh despite herself.

This profiteer... sure enough, the slightest sign of trouble could not escape his senses.

"If I say that this Holy Sage is not the same as the one who helped us awaken our Mythological Beasts, will you believe me?" Shen Yanxiao slowly dropped a heavy bomb.

For a time, her small group of partners was a little dumbfounded.

Apart from Li Xiaowei, who had not seen the Holy Sage before, the rest of them had already met him. Whether in appearance, stature, or temperament, this Holy Sage who was staying right now in The Rising Sun City was exactly the same as the one in their memories.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly said that the fellow might be a fake; it was somehow difficult to believe.

"Why do you think so?" Qi Xia slightly frowned. The fact that the Holy Sage might be a fake was not a trivial matter. He found nothing suspicious with the G.o.d envoys around the Holy Sage. But for Shen Yanxiao to put forward this speculation, she must have found something.

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