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Qiao Chu wanted to cry. Against the siege of the six Mythological Beast, even if he were to call all the demons in the city to fight, they would still be beaten up badly.  

In the end, where is did such a powerful girl that could make them, a group of vicious demons, mad come from? She truly did not came here to find a companion to play house!

Shen Yanxiao once again goes the king’s way by showing how powerful she is. 

Before Qiao Chu can reject her proposal again, he must first see if his strength can match his opponents’ fighting strength.

Although he has faith in his fighting strength and all that, even if he were to compare himself to the demons of The Rising Sun City he would still manage to squeeze in to the top 5, but... 

The opposite side has an army of Mythological Beasts! 

This was all bull$#!%! 

Without any delay, to avoid their home being destroyed, the elite will adapt to its circ.u.mstance. He can only let that shameless cruel little demon from the Human Race, who can raise people’s hackles have her own way.

Qiao Chu firmly s.h.i.+fted his gaze and look at Shen Yanxiao in the crowd. Taking his pendulum from his head, he quickly rush before Shen Yanxiao’s presence. 

Shen Yanxiao calmly wrapped her chest with her arms while looking at Qiao Chu’s face as he ran to her. 

"City Lord! I'm in! I’m in!" Qiao Chu did not contain even the slightest nugget of the appearance he had previously and instead his face was filled with tears as he repented before Shen Yanxiao.  Because he looked down on the Human race, he had underestimated the enemy.

He was not a clairvoyant, how could he know that the human beings would evolve and conceive an abnormal human like Shen Yanxiao that defies the natural order.

"Don’t ‘bang’ again or else I won’t agree to the alliance anymore!” The demons in the city that are considered as his subordinates could only helplessly watch their head demon surrender in shame. Qiao Chu really wanted to cry. 

Shen Yanxiao slightly raised an eyebrow as she looked at Qiao Chu’s sorrowful face, before she said, "Really?" 

Qiao Chu nodded vigorously. This little girl suddenly appeared and violently suppressed him. He was not even given a chance to make a trick when he was met with the army of Mythological Beast.

Qiao Chu wanted to cry. This Shen Yanxiao was not following any common sense. 

Shen Yanxiao smiled, feeling satisfied as she told the Vermillion Bird to cease fire.

A short while later, all the six Mythological Beast returned to their master’s side. 

Looking at the Oriental City again, this was originally a tragic sight, now that Shen Yanxiao had even ruined it more, almost everything was razed to the ground.  

Their fighting strength had simply destroyed it more. 

Under Shen Yanxiao’s brutal suppression, Qiao Chu obediently surrendered. Even if the Vermillion Bird and the others only caused a little damage, they were all very clear that Shen Yanxiao still had the power of the demons in her hands. Therefore she still has a slightly heavy power. This battle may be shocking for the eyes, however in reality there were only a few demons who were injured.

Though a lot of the demons were too frightened to run around and had fled to the underground city. 

“The demons of the Oriental City will be handed to you. Fu Tu will tell you the rules and make sure to make them all honest. I will send some people over to rebuild the Oriental City in a bit.” Shen Yanxiao had directly given it its name and even said it so smoothly.  

Due to the previous experience, Qiao Chu was frightened easily and did not dare to give or show any sign of complaints, making him look like a dog helping her out. The demons from The Rising Sun City could not help but secretly laugh.

Stupid, really stupid. 

Actually dare to oppose their lord, is this not the same as courting death? 

These demons were secretly glad that when Shen Yanxiao first came to The Rising Sun City, they had all vigorously agreed, otherwise their lives might have ended up like that unlucky Qiao Chu.

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