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Master potions were priceless and couldn’t be found on the market. As for high-level potions, though there were some on the market, they were very scarce. Most Senior Pharmacists, if they were not recruited by powerhouses, would be directly detained by their country and housed in the palace. Only a few of them truly stayed on the market. 

There were three kinds of high-level potions in The Rising Sun City’s auction. 

One was to improve the person’s dou qi and to make their dou qi purer. This was an invaluable good thing for those who cultivated in dou qi. The growth of dou qi was very difficult for many people, but if one’s dou qi could become refined, then the effect when one ascended a level was basically different from when one’s dou qi was not refined at all. 

This was equivalent to the purity of gold: the more pure the gold, the more valuable it was. 

Many influential families had appeared here because of the Dou Qi Potions. Who did not want to prepare this kind of potion for improving the purity of dou qi for their younger generations? The younger one was, the better the effect of drinking this potion. 

Correspondingly, since there were potions that improved dou qi, there were also potions that improved magic. 

Both of these potions were very rare, and not just anyone, even a Senior Pharmacist, could concoct them. 

The reason why Shen Yanxiao could make them was Ye Qing’s guidance, but others might not have a Master Pharmacist teacher. 

The last kind of potion was the most eye-catching. 

It was called the Body Quenching Potion. Whether one was cultivating dou qi or cultivating magic, this potion could improve people from their roots, so that one would be prepared for future cultivation. 

It was an absolutely essential potion for the military people. 

However, the rarity of this thing was even higher. Many great families in the Radiance Continent had only heard of this name. 

After hearing that the auction in The Rising Sun City would auction these three kinds of potions, many influential families from the four countries who were valiant and full of vigor came over for the benefit and power of their family’s future.

Now, they were waiting for the auction of these potions to start, and they all were ready to charge into a big fight.

As the smart man that he was, how could Qi Xia not know the minds of these people? 

He pretended to look at the crowd calmly and smiled before saying,"Then next, is the auction of potions. The first one is the Dou Qi Potion, a total of 100 bottles." 

One hundred bottles of Dou Qi Potions sounded quite a lot, but this auction house had hundreds of people, and at least half of them cultivated dou qi. A single bottle of it was not enough. After all, it was not only those influential families who wanted them. Even those experts wanted to improve the purity of their dou qi. No one would dislike their own power to become strong, right?

Skinny and burly, each of them was prepared to fight with full spirit. 

“Each bottle of potion has a starting price of 5,000 gold coins, and each increase must not be lower than one thousand gold coins.” Qi Xia smilingly said. 

For high-level potions, the price of thousands of gold coins was definitely not too much. Qi Xia gave out a very low price, but he was not worried that he could not sell them at a great price. 

Sure enough, he had just finished talking and someone could not wait to stand up already. 

The one who stood up was a 40-year-old middle-aged man. 

"10,000 gold coins!" He began raising the price from thousands to tens of thousands. 

The value of high-level potions was very high. Coupled with the special nature of the Dou Qi Potion, the price was even more difficult to estimate. 

"13,000!" Obviously, ten thousand gold coins did not stop people's fighting intentions, some people immediately increased the price. 



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