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The price per day for the Dou Qi and Magic room was simply too brutal. The highest level room cost thousands of gold coins for just a day. 


On the bright side, it had a superior environment for one’s cultivation. On the down side, the price of each room was enough to frighten a person to death. The influential families were awfully distressed. However, there were not a lot of opportunities to into such marvelous things. Besides, there were not a lot of people under their commands. If they missed this opportunity, they might one day regret it. Clenching their teeth, they gave the money in the end. 


Nevertheless, when they handed over the money to pay, their hearts were secretly bleeding. After entering their room, their uncontrollable blood flared up as they howled at how their money disappeared just like that.  


However, they also thought that it they could stay here, their cultivation speed would surely rise. If it were not that they feared that their family head would drag them back, they would want to spend the rest of their lives here. 


Meanwhile, the merchants demanded some rooms that were not that expensive. However,  Uncle Jiu also didn’t forget to recommend the displayed various special products of the Barren Land to them. After seeing how fierce the shops were along the road, they had already wanted to know how many treasures in The Rising Sun City were worth investing in, as well as how they should invest.


With just this group of guests paying for the rooms in the inns, more than 100,000 gold coins had already been earned. This was still day one, and most of the rooms were still empty.


Even if Uncle Jiu used his toes to think, he would still know that the earnings just from the inns would be around four to five hundred thousand gold coins in the future. 


How much money would their Rising Sun City be able to get? Their City Lord was truly such a genius! 


They could actually make a lot of money in just a blink!


While the members of the military and n.o.ble families stayed in their rooms to cultivate, their men had gone to the pharmacy store in the city and bought many potions for them. On the other hand, the wealthy merchants called all their servants to visit every store in every street in The Rising Sun City and go on a shopping spree.  


In just half a day, The Rising Sun City made nearly one million gold coins just from these people. And this was also the first wealth that The Rising Sun City had earned. 


The auction in The Rising Sun City had yet to officially start, but the people were already entranced by the treasures inside The Rising Sun City. 


Shen Yanxiao took the bills handed down by her subordinates; her grin was already reaching her ears. 


The thing she loved most was gold coins! 


Sitting beside her, the five animals could only secretly sigh after seeing her treacherous smile.


The business model of The Rising Sun City was basically Shen Yanxiao’s personal creation. Qi Xia had also deliberately filled in some parts, creating this current dubious pit that attracted everyone.


From Qi Xia’s business perspective, there was no problem in the economy of The Rising Sun City. One million gold coins was the minimum value that should enter The Rising Sun City.


In the future, Shen Yanxiao could simply sit in the City Lord Residence to count and play with gold coins.


The Barren Land was rich in resources. The other cities understood this fact, but The Rising Sun City was somewhat different


The various cities in The Barren Land were still considered under the ruler of their respective countries. Although the City Lord had a certain degree of autonomy, it was a fact that they had received the support of their country when they were building their Barren Land city. For the best interest of their family and country, they were transporting most of their resources to their own family and the hands of their country’s ruler. As a result, there was a great limit on the allocation of resources. 


Only Shen Yanxiao, who had fallen out with her country’s Emperor, could use resources recklessly and without scruples. What about her clan? 


The whole Vermillion Bird Clan had already moved to The Rising Sun City, so she had nothing to worry about in that regard. Besides, when she discussed this with Shen Feng, he did not have any complaints with Shen Yanxiao’s way of handling things. Shen Yanxiao owned The Rising Sun City, and the Vermillion Bird Clan also belonged to her. There was no contradiction between the two.


Therefore, the wealth that was acc.u.mulated was made in a harmonious environment. Shen Yanxiao had no outside interference. The wealth she got would naturally be enough to scare a person.

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