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All the way, everyone was leisurely and carefree, and when they finally arrived before The Rising Sun City, their shock was by no means small. 

Such a domineering city in the Barren Land quietly stood in front of them. That s.h.i.+ning city wall under the sunlight made everyone's hearts extremely astonished. 

It was true that The Rising Sun City was completed. Long Xuan Empire was not tricking people at all, they really had built a new main city in only six months! 

The guests from Long Xuan Empire had smiles plastered on each of their faces. They straightened their backs and stuck their chests out, thinking that this was their pride. 


The guests that came from the other three countries really wanted to curse out loud. 

Long Xuan Empire had rebuilt a city over just half a year while their own countries took nearly 10 years to build a city. Just how much manpower and material resources were spent during this period of time? 

They were all cities, so what was with the big disparity? 

The people of Long Xuan Empire happily entered The Rising Sun City, while the rest of the people’s expressions were not too good-looking. 

The guards of the city were selected by Shen Yanxiao from among the three thousand slaves. They were all physically healthy, tall and st.u.r.dy. The the light armor they wore was made by a tailor's shop owned by the Qilin Clan. Since it was the request of Qi Xia, the next Clan Head, those tailors had naturally worked with an incomparable care. The uniforms that they crafted were comparable to those of the Long Xuan Empire’s Imperial Army. 

The awe-inspiring city and tall mighty guards rendered all the people who entered The Rising Sun City speechless. 

Upon entering the gates of The Rising Sun City, a scene of prosperity greeted their sight. Brand new buildings were scattered and organized; the neat streets were clean enough to make people want to roll over on them. 

The citizens of the city occasionally pa.s.sing by on the road were all brightly dressed and had good looks. Seeing them, the guests felt that this was not a city in the Barren Land, but some kind of paradise. 

The guests who were not from the Long Xuan Empire were clutching their tiny hearts. Rebuilding such a city in less than half a year really made them envy and hateful. At the same time, they also produced a keen interest in the City Lord of The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao.

According to the information they had received, this Shen Yanxiao was only fourteen years old this year. She was from the Vermillion Bird Clan, one of the five great clans of Long Xuan Empire. They basically had not heard the name of this little girl before. But she actually did things, so silently, that shocked the whole mainland. 

Apparently, her profession was also another hot topic— the Warlock. 

This was a profession that was despised by a lot of people. But everyone had never seen Shen Yanxiao in person and could just constantly speculate things based on her ident.i.ty and achievements. 

The city guards had been carefully trained by Shen Yanxiao. When they saw the arrival of one group of people, they did not panic and instead told them the orders of their City Lord. 

“Guests, did you come to attend the auction?” The slaves that had been turned into guards had already been cured of their feeling of inferiority under the training of Shen Yanxiao. 


"The City Lord thought that everyone needs a place to stay. Please come with me." The guards turned around and took a group of people towards the City Inn. 

The This group of people together with the mercenaries, numbered several thousand; such a large team walking in The Rising Sun City did not cause the citizens to gaze at them. Instead, it was they, the guests, who behaved like a crowd of country b.u.mpkins, widening their eyes and looking at everything in The Rising Sun City. Everything they looked at was fresh. 

The Rising Sun City had just been built but there were already so many shops. Most of these shops were selling daily necessities and resources obtained in the Barren Land.

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