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It had to be said that Hundred-Year Divine Weapon’s temptation for people in the past century had been enormous. Even though the auction was set in the Barren Land, there were still groups of people who were not afraid of death and were ready to go forward to The Rising Sun City. 

The hands of the emperors and leaders of the various countries had become soft from giving permits in the past few days. Although the other three countries, unlike the Long Xuan Empire, had already established cities in the Barren Land and therefore their people could directly go into the Barren Land even without a permit, these people’s goal this time was not their countries’ Barren Land city but the Long Xuan Empire’s. The citizens of the various countries must first get permission from their country’s ruler before they could go to another country. Otherwise, if a problem occurred during those times, it might cause disputes between the four countries. 

Since the Seven Kingdoms was formed by seven small countries, there was no emperor nor sole ruler of this place. Instead the highest symbol of power was the Elders Council. Each of the seven countries had a highly venerable person as their representative; these seven people had greater strength than a single person. On the other hand, the Divine Wind Alliance was composed of the top five mercenary corps, whose members were well-known powerful mercenaries in the Radiance Continent. They too had no emperor; instead, the alliance was governed by the five Corps Head, and their combat effectiveness was not weak at all. 

Those who really wanted to cry because of this event were the Emperor of the Lan Yue Dynasty and the Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire. Both of them were fighting alone! 

But if they did not hand out permits, the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was likely to fall in the hands of others, and they would not be happy to see such result, so they could only sit by the light and write a batch of 

The two tired people were emaciated after three days and their hands that were holding the pens were cramped. 

This just showed how grand the Phantom Auction would be. 

This was also the effect that Shen Yanxiao wanted. 

But now, she was not in the mood to care about how many people would come. Yan Yu and Yang Xi had already arranged the various treasures for the auction properly. Shen Yanxiao had to take a look to know how much capital she had. Although there were many auction items, only a few of them were from the Vermillion Bird Clan. The funds would be collected by the Phantom Auction House, but most of the money would still be returned to the owner of each treasure. 

It was rare to have such a good opportunity to make money, and Shen Yanxiao did not plan to miss it. She stayed inside the City Lord Residence for five days and created a batch of high-level potions, and stuffed them alongside the auction items.

With such a large scale auction, normal potions were not eligible to be auctioned at all, but Shen Yanxiao was a Senior Pharmacist. Originally, high-level potions were not considered to be low-priced, and several of her high-level potions were hot goods; one would probably not see them in the market. 

Inside the storeroom, Shen Yanxiao looked at the row of rare treasures, her hands seriously itching. 

As a G.o.dly thief, it was a great challenge for her patience to see a lot of rare treasures yet not be able to steal them. 

“This time, the main auction product is the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. Qi Xia arranged it as the final item to be auctioned. Then some of the other items were sorted according to their value.” Yan Yu was holding the list while calmly checking a group of treasures. 

Although they were sorted according to their price, the standard price for the things in that room was not less than ten thousand gold coins. 

The lowest graded items were some gems, but each one of them was the size of a pigeon’s egg, and they were also rare treasures on the Radiance Continent. Unfortunately, when compared with the other rare treasures, they became “cheap items”.

Shen Yanxiao had been a thief for many years and her eyes had long been trained to judge the quality of gems and such just like an expert.

She pulled a few boxes of gems straight out, sat on the floor and looked at them one by one.

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