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That little girl said that after the construction of The Rising Sun City was finished, she would go and find him to personally talk with him.

Remembering the eight Mythological Beasts showing off their formidable power in front of their city again, Geng Di wanted to cry. 

Had not that Jun Mo told him that he had a way for the people of The Rising Sun City to drink that pot of potion? Yet there were no signs of its effects. They even successfully built their city. Ha! Drink his foot! 

Geng Di was secretly disdainful of Jun Mo for not keeping up his promise as he added more guards around the Magical Fantasy City. He was afraid of the day when that little girl, along with her eight Mythological Beasts, would “visit his place” and show off her formidable power once again. 

On the other side, Jun Mo felt that he was treated unjustly. He had personally gone to The Rising Sun City to administer the negative potion and the curse, and he was very sure that it was awfully poisonous. 

But the result... 

"This is impossible! Pu Lisi and I made those things; the people in The Rising Sun City should not be able to continue building the city anymore.” Jun Mo’s elegant face was ashened. He did not know why his plan had failed. 

With such a vicious plan, even if he could not kill Shen Yanxiao, it would surely be able to kill a group of people in The Rising Sun City. 

But the speed of constructing The Rising Sun City was not affected at all. 

Jun Mo still could not understand why or where it went wrong. He was still very depressed. 

Luo Fan was standing in front of him, looking at his depressed face.

Jun Mo’s thoughts continuously became eccentric. Seeing his own disciple’s eyes filled with resentment, he could not help but secretly sigh.

“Rest a.s.sured, your master will sooner or later avenge you. Isn’t The Rising Sun City still not yet firmly established? I have other ways to deal with her in the future.” Right now, it was very important to pacify Luo Fan. Ouyang Huanyu and the man in black had already determined that Luo Fan’s physique was indeed suitable to become their test subject. As their eleventh test subject, a perfect experimental body was very precious to them. If they could find a test subject with a high degree of compatibility with the experiment, then it would completely be beneficial and and less dangerous for the entire research. 

Yet, Jun Mo was unexpectedly unable to complete his current task.  

"I can wait." Luo Fan gritted his teeth. He was clear about his master’s skills. He knew that Jun Mo was not lying to him. 

Jun Mo sighed in relief. He secretly decided that as soon as night came, he would immediately go and get Ouyang Huanyu and the man in black’s opinion to this matter.

Ouyang Huanyu had asked him to not kill Shen Yanxiao; however, even the plan of breaking her two wings was not accomplished.  

And so, the three sinister and cunning men stayed up late to plan their next move against Shen Yanxiao. 

“Now is not the time to do that yet.” Ouyang Huanyu still looked amiable while sitting in a chair with his n.o.ble and virtuous appearance. 

Ouyan Huanyu was not the least bit angry after hearing Jun Mo’s news. Instead, it sparked his interest. He was very clear with Jun Mo’s methods. If Shen Yanxiao was really able to solve Jun Mo’s poison, then that meant she really had a great ability. 

Ouyang Huanyu increasingly felt that Shen Yanxiao was great material and felt an even greater urge to lure her in. 

"Why is it not the time to do it yet?” Jun Mo was anxious. Although Luo Fan did had not said anything, if they did not settle his score with Shen Yanxiao, he would surely not be willing to become a test subject. But they had already started the preparations needed for the his transformation. Everything was already read;, the only thing remaining was the subject.

Ouyang Huanyu gave a paper to Jun Mo. 

Jun Mo was confused, yet he still took the paper in his hand and looked at it. 

There was a hint of surprise oin Jun Mo’s face as he looked at the contents of that piece of paper. 

“The five great clans of the Long Xuan Empire had joined forces? They actually set an auction with the Hundred Year Divine Weapon of the Azure Dragon Clan and a lot of precious potions in The Rising Sun City’s auction house?” The paper that Ouyang Huanyu handed contained the list of items to be auctioned in Shen Yanxiao’s and others’ Phantom Auction House. These dense names packed together could make anyone drool with desire for the treasured objects.

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