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"I will protect Lan Fengli and make sure he will not be taken away.” Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth and firmly said.

She already considered Lan Fengli as her younger brother. No one would want to face the consequences of forcibly taking him away from her side.

"Master, I don’t know if you have heard of the Broken Star Palace?” Shen Yanxiao asked after remembering one type of Forbidden Technique: The Transfer of Dou qi and Magic.

Yun Qi returned to his calm posture and tried to forget his guilty conscience before sitting down again.

"I've heard of them, they have been in the Radiance Continent for a long period of time.”

"During that time, did the Broken Star Palace had a contact with those people?”

Yun Qi frowned.

“I never heard of it.”

“But in the Broken Star Palace, they can transfer dou qi and magic.”

Yun Qi's face started to not look good. He was naturally aware of what the Broken Star Palace was. If those people joined forces with the Broken Star Palace, then he was afraid that...

“I’ve been living for hundreds of years, but I’m not that clear about the current happenings in this world. But Little Xiao, you must remember, always be careful around them. You better change Lan Fengli’s appearance. If they discovered him, their current strength is not something you can go against at all.”  

Shen Yanxiao could not afford to go against two Great Summoners, let alone if they joined forces with the Broken Star Palace.

"I will be careful." Shen Yanxiao said what she should say. But her heart was awfully helpless. Her Warlock ident.i.ty had already offended the Broken Star Palace.

Once they had drawn the connection, then she was afraid she would face them one day.

But as Yun Qi said, she was too weak now.

Although there were eight Mythological Beasts in the city, she was facing an unknown enemy.

When the Broken Star Palace was built thousands of years ago, no one knew how powerful they were. And with the Warlocks that previously caused terror in the four countries of the Radiance Continent by their side, their power was now very unpredictable.

Along with that, they still didn’t know how many test subjects they had that were similar to Lan Fengli.

Even Vermillion Bird, with his strength, must be careful when handling Lan Fengli.

It was not enough to just rely on the eight Mythological Beasts when facing a lot of enemies like that.

She wanted to be strong, she needed to continue growing stronger if she wanted to protect the people around her, so that no one would be able to hurt them.  

"Master, I hope you will keep everything we said today a secret.” Shen Yanxiao looked at Ye Qing. She dared to discuss these in front of Ye Qing because she believed that he would not betray her and Yun Qi.  

Ye Qing smiled and said, "I have heard and forgot it already.”

"There is another thing, I want to ask Master to help me with something.”

"And that is?"

"The injury on master Yun Qi's body can only be cured by the Blood Feast Potion. I would like to ask Master to help me concoct it since you are the only Pharmacist who is about to reach the Honorable Master level.”  Shen Yanxiao bluntly asked for Ye Qing’s help. Although she wanted to relieve Yun Qi’s pain herself, everything she had faced had not left her too much time to continue studying pharmaceutics.

"I have already started concocting the Blood Feast Potion since a long time ago. But the formula is lacking, I’m afraid I can only concoct it after one and a half year.” Ye Qing smilingly said. The Blood Feast Potion had been a big problem of his since a decade ago.

Shen Yanxiao took out a formula from her storage ring and gave it to Ye Qing.

Ye Qing looked at the formula in his hand and looked back at Shen Yanxiao, his eyes filled with surprise.

"This is..."

"In the future, I’ll trouble master to do more work. I’ll try to get all of the herbs needed.” Shen Yanxiao gave Ye Qing the real formula for the Blood Feast Poison.


Shen Yanxiao could really do nothing about the stubbornness of these two masters of hers. She could only asked Vermillion Bird to send them back to Holy Roland School.

The five animals gathered in the City Lord’s Residence to discuss The Rising Sun City’s development.

“Your two masters are gone. If people move their hands once more, are you going to return to Holy Roland School and invite them again?” Qi Xia supported his chin, lazily watching Shen Yanxiao. As long as The Rising Sun City was still standing, some unscrupulous guys would sooner or later continue to look for opportunities to put them down.

Shen Yanxiao: Move their hands? Opportunities? Will they even have a chance once I grow stronger? Hehehe... BWAHAH

Tang Nazhi: Is thir alright? I think she gone insane?

Qi Xia: Shhh let her be. this must be her way to let her anger of.

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