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Yan Hua immediately said energetically, "Take them all! The Jiuyou Pills of our family have also just been brewed. I’ll bring them over to you.”



Yang Qiong brought a group of guards to block the entrance of the armory. He pointed to Yang Xi, who was holding the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon and said, "What are you doing, kid! Let go of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. Otherwise, believe it or not, I’m going to kill...”

"Grandpa, I want to put the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon to the auction house of The Rising Sun City. Little Xiao’s city is going to open up soon.” Yang Xi’s face looked innocent. 

Yang Qiong was slightly surprised for a moment; his eyes blinked a few times. He then turned his head towards the solemn guards and said, "What are you being frozen for? Go inside and get your master decent weapons! Hurry up!!!" 



Tang Ao’s mouth twitched as he watched Tang Nazhi tragically hug his thigh, while he thought if he should slap this smelly boy dead.

"Grandpa, is there anything in the clan that can be auctioned?" Tang Nazhi looked at Tang Ao; he wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t come out. His pair of arms hugged his grandfather's thigh.

Tang Ao wanted to strangle this idiot.

Their great Black Tortoise Clan had a large fortune; when did they actually fall into a state where they needed to auction something from home?

“Get out of my way! If you bother me again, believe it or not, I’ll kill you!” Tang Ao impatiently shook his leg and tried to kick the idiot hugging his thigh.

Tang Nazhi wailed and refused to give up. Tang Ao then took out something. 

Li Xiaowei, who stood to the side, was already stiff. He really didn't know what to do.

“Brother...” Tang Nazhi gazed at Li Xiaowei as Tang Ao brutally kicked him. 

 Li Xiaowei was shocked. 

"There is still another leg." Tang Nazhi hinted. 

 Li Xiaowei wanted to die...

But the next second, he had already clung to Tang Ao’s other leg. At this moment, he felt like his integrity had been shattered. 

“Grandpa, give us some! Anything is fine!” 

Tang Ao’s face flushed in anger as he stared at the two smelly boys hugging his thighs. What did he do bad, to raise two such idiots? 

"Give you a ball! Enough of you two! You eat no less, drink no less, when you are idle you come running asking for things, do you want to die?" Tang Ao’s eyes were red, considering whether he should slap these two guys straight to death. 

“I can't ah! Grandpa, Little Xiao’s Rising Sun City is going to be open for public, and she’s setting an auction house to attract people. Qi Xia and the others will be contributing something, but my brother and I don’t have anything at all. Yang Xi, that animal, is even going to take out their Hundred-Year Divine Weapon. You can’t let us brothers be empty-handed.” Tang Nazhi didn’t mind if he were put to death. He just really didn’t want to lose face.

Tang Ao suddenly halted his actions and looked puzzledly at Tang Nazhi. "Is what you said true?

Tang Nazhi resolutely nodded. 

"It's true." 

Tang Ao narrowed his eyes and stood up with a bang sound. 

"Very good, those old things are definitely not kind enough to actually put in extra effort to s.n.a.t.c.h my granddaughter-in-law! You two fools listen to me well. You go to the storehouse and casually pick things there. Don’t let your grandfather lose face this time. I don’t believe that my Black Tortoise Clan cannot compare to those three!” 

Tang Nazhi’s expression was shocked. Even though his grandfather’s understanding of the problem was kind of off, the result was good. 

Anyway, something could be taken! 

Hugging a thigh was the best!

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