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To tell the truth, the current number of demons in The Rising Sun City was growing at an insane rate. Everyday, there would be hundreds of demons coming in the city and now, the number of demons had risen beyond 40,000. Not to mention Shen Feng, even the people who had long been in The Rising Sun City felt scared when they saw the vast number of demons in the Underground City.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips; the answer was probably no!

Her grandfather's body was still not quite as good as before. She was very worried that Shen Feng would immediately lose his breath after seeing the demons in the city.

"I think you might as well let Vermillion Bird return first and tell Du Lang about it. For the time being, don't let your grandfather know what's going on inside the city; wait until they’ve gotten familiar with the higher demons before telling them about it slowly." Qi Xia touched his chin. The old man's heart might not have the capacity to bear the truth.

"Alright." Shen Yanxiao agreed with Qi Xia's proposal.

With this plan, Shen Yanxiao sent Vermillion Bird back to The Rising Sun City in the afternoon, while she and the few animals took care of certain matters in their plans after the completion of The Rising Sun City.

For example...

The auction they had discussed before.

The best way to make people settle in The Rising Sun City was to trick them into looking at the treasures of the Barren Land and then drive them to invest.

With the Vermillion Bird Clan's current situation, Shen Yanxiao was afraid that she could not take out anything of good value. In order to curry favor with Ruan Yingzhe, Shen Duan had given everything valuable that could be found in the Vermillion Bird Clan to the Broken Star Palace.

In the Vermillion Bird Clan, except for money, what remained now was still only money.

In this regard, the five animals put in all the extra effort that they could muster.

Qi Xia utilized the business empire of the Qilin Clan and grabbed all the auction items that could be found in the Qilin auction houses across the whole Long Xuan Empire.

Yan Yu had even rummaged through his own pharmacy and took away the precious medicines one by one.

While Yang Xi directly promised to put their Hundred-Year Divine Weapon in the auction house of The Rising Sun City.

As for Tang Nazhi and Li Xiaowei...

They could only draw circles at the corner.

The signature of their own clan was also very awesome, but it was not easily sold.

The several animals did not encounter any troubles nor obstacles in their preparations. Even each of their grandfathers did not give them any problems.

Of course, the inside story had gone like this...

Qi Cang waited for Qi Xia to sit in the study and watched the bill that he had thrown at his grandson. His eyeb.a.l.l.s almost popped out.

"You're a prodigal! What do you want to do with all this stuff!" This smelly boy actually took away all the valuable items that needed to be auctioned during this period of time. Was he going to overthrow the sky?!

Qi Xia said lightly, “Little Xiao’s city is going to open an auction house. I’ll take these things to be sold.”

Qi Cang immediately changed his expression; putting on a smile, he said, “So it is for Little Xiao’s city, why didn’t you say so earlier. You wait for your uncle, there has just been a collection of rare magic nuclei; I’ll let him bring them to you."



"Ah-Yu, your body is weak, you won’t be able to digest so many medicines properly, what exactly are you going to do with them?" Yan Hua shuddered at the sight of Yan Yu as he madly swept the medicines away from his own pharmacy, and there was a crack in his loving face.

Yan Yu did not lift his head and continued to sweep the goods away; he faintly replied, "Little Xiao’s Rising Sun City is going to open a business soon, I have to contribute a bit."

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