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Yan Yu left just a while ago, yet he managed to make a delicious breakfast in just a short time.

Without anyone’s help, he held two small bowls that were leaking a sweet fragrance in each of his hands. He handed a bowl to Shen Yanxiao and then rewarded himself with the other one before he sat down and enjoyed his food.

Obviously, it was just made with the simplest ingredients, but in Yan Yu’s hands, it became a miracle.

The members of the Phantom felt that if Yan Yu became a chef, he would absolutely be able to hound a group of people to death.

The four animals who smelled the delicious meals could not help but secretly swallow their saliva.  

"Ah Yu, how about ours?” Tang Nazhi licked his lips. He was suddenly kicked early in the morning; he hadn’t even had his breakfast yet.

Yan Yu softly looked at them.

"You all want to eat?" The four animals nodded their heads in unison.

"Just eat your own hands."


This is clearly a revenge! An undisguised revenge!

The four animals burst into tears. It seemed that it was not only the vicious Shen Yanxiao that they should not provoke; even their own group’s best tempered, Yan Yu should not be provoked, ah.

Because provoking him, they would have no food to eat!

The four hungry animals could only silently cry and anxiously wait as they watched Shen Yanxiao and Yan Yu enjoy their meal.

Ah, this is favoring one while discriminating the others!

The four people, who Yan Yu had completely ignored, were now letting cheap words out of their mouths. Yet no matter how pitifully they acted, Yan Yu still ignored them.

After Yan Yu and Shen Yanxiao were full, the several animals were even more hungry.

Coincidentally, Shen Ling happened to pa.s.s by the hall; after he saw the satiated Shen Yanxiao and Yan Yu and the four hungry animals, he smiled and said, “You guys came so early in the morning, have you eaten yet?”

Yesterday, Shen Ling was not that familiar with the five animals, but when he saw these kids appear to “rescue” Shen Yanxiao, he could not help but feel that Little Xiao has such a good group of partners.  

Because he thought highly of Little Xiao, he could not help but think highly of her friends; Shen Ling felt that this group of animals were good.

Although yesterday's rescue plan started full of energy and ended with little power, he could still clearly see the sincere intentions of these guys.

"Uncle! You are so nice!" Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Ling with tears. Shen Ling was simply an idol in his heart!

"Ah?" Shen Ling was speechless. Why would he be considered nice when he would just let some people prepare them some food to eat? These people truly use the nice guy card too easily.

"Fifth Uncle, just ignore them.” Shen Yanxiao’s mouth was twitching. Beside knowing how to act cute in unison and taint this human world, these animals knew nothing.

Shen Ling softly laughed, yet he still ordered people to prepare some meals before going back and busying himself with his work.

After finally eating a warm breakfast, the four animals looked content.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless. Are they not children from the Four Great Clans? How could they be this thankful for a simple breakfast? It was not even a delicacy but just a bowl emitting a sweet fragrance; they should not exaggerate so much.

Those who did not know them might think they had just escape from a refugee camp.

“What are you planning to do in the future? Although Ruan Yingzhe is dead, after the Broken Star Palace receive this information, the Vermillion Bird Clan will be in danger sooner or later.” Qi Xia asked while rubbing his flat belly.


"I have already discussed this matter with my grandpa. In a few days, they will come along with me to The Rising Sun City." Shen Yanxiao said.

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