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With Shen Ling's persuasion, Shen Feng started showing hints of being swayed.

Shen Yanxiao did not let go of this opportunity and struck while the iron was hot as she continued to persuade.

And after some time, Shen Feng finally surrendered.

And everything that happened made the worldview of Vermillion Bird utterly destroyed.

What happened to the completely formidable and domineering person?

Master, did you really think it was fine to act cute like that?!

Now, Vermilion Bird had realized that not only his master could be ruthless, she could also be adorable!

She was indeed one of a kind ah!

"These days, father should also carefully train and take care of himself. I will go back and command the people to tidy the things in the household first before making preparations.” Now that they had decided to go to The Rising Sun City, they would need to make a lot of preparations.

“You can go and arrange it.” After this long and tiring day, Shen Feng felt exhausted. By experiencing all these things, he had learned that Shen Ling was indeed a good son, so he did intend to let him handle everything.

"Shen Yanxiao, tell me what needs to be prepared when going to the Barren Land, I’ll send someone to handle it.” Shen Ling had never been to the Barren Land, so he could only ask Shen Yanxiao about it.  

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Feng who had finally agreed, and she could not help but be in a good mood. She smiled at Shen Ling and said, “You don’t need anyone to prepare anything. There are already ready-made items in The Rising Sun City. Just make sure to bring your money and valuables.”

“... “ Shen Ling was speechless. When Shen Yanxiao had issued bills to the other four clans yesterday, he thought that this little girl was a money-grubber. Now, hearing her say such things, he could not help but feel depressed. Their Vermillion Bird Clan was not poor, so why was it that every time she opened her mouth, it would be about money?

Could it be she had lived a poor life when she was young?

"Then I'll take care of it.” But Shen Ling’s mind had different thought. Even if they brought a lot of gold coins to the Barren Land, there were no place to spend the money.

Her love of money was beyond help, ah!

Shen Ling started the preparation for their “relocation”. Shen Yanxiao stayed inside the room for a while and talked with Shen Feng. She had planned to go outside and roam the streets of the Imperial Capital to buy some herbs then bring them along with her to The Rising Sun City. But just as she was about to leave Shen Feng alone in the room, one of the servants rushed over.  

"Miss... the young masters of the four great clans came in and are waiting in the hall.”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned for a moment; how come these five animals were here so early today? She did clearly remember seeing them be picked up by their respective grandfathers yesterday; it should be reasonable to say that today, they would be in an “I cannot get out of the bed” state.  

Full of doubts, Shen Yanxiao went to the hall.

As soon as she entered, a tall figure quickly went towards her.

It was only a pity that before the figure could even touch her, Vermillion Bird had already lifted his foot and kicked him.

Hence, a certain animal flew back in a perfect arc, and a sound of something falling and hitting the ground echoed throughout the hall.

"Ugh..." Tang Nazhi, who had been kicked, slowly got up from the floor and looked murderously at the Vermillion Bird.

"So small, yet so ruthless!" He muttered.

The Vermillion Bird raised an eyebrow.

Qi Xia and the others laughed at Tang Nazhi’s embarra.s.sing appearance.

Shen Yanxiao rubbed her temples as she sat on a chair at the side.

"What are you all doing here?"

"You need to ask?" Qi Xia lazily sat on another chair before showing a smile that was not a smile at Shen Yanxiao.

“What is it?” Shen Yanxiao’s mind had been filled with Shen Feng’s and Shen Ling’s day-to-day arrangements. She really had not the slightest idea why these few animals would come so early in the morning.

Qi Xia raised his voice and pointed out, “This morning, someone from the Vermillion Bird Clan came to my Qilin Clan holding a banner, and said a lot of lies.”


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