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 Although Shen Yanxiao said that The Rising Sun City had already been built, Shen Feng still did not believe her.

It should be noted that the Long Xuan Empire had sent many elites to the Barren Land to develop a territory, however, all those elites only returned in low spirits following a defeat.

It had been only less than a year since Shen Yanxiao went to the Barren Land. How could her city be built already?

Moreover, The Rising Sun City was one of the five main cities in the eastern region of the Barren Land. The amount of work needed for such a big project far exceeded that of other people, and the evils to be faced were even more dangerous. It was necessary to clear up the demons in The Rising Sun City, and he was afraid that it would take three years to do just that.

As for establis.h.i.+ng the city... It would be almost impossible to finish within five or six years.

"Little Xiao, I know you are worried about us, but you shouldn't force yourself to do this. You are facing a lot of dangers in the Barren Land. With the current strength of the Vermillion Bird Clan, even if we go with you to The Rising Sun City, I'm afraid we will only be a burden to you.” Shen Feng rejected the proposal of Shen Yanxiao. Although he wanted to keep the Vermillion Bird Clan, he did not want to drag Shen Yanxiao down. This child had already carried too much weight. The responsibility of the whole family could not be placed over this young granddaughter.

In that case, he would still have a little face left to stand before their ancestors.

“Grandpa, how could you be a burden to me?” Shen Yanxiao said, “You are well-informed, Fifth Uncle is an expert who controls the guards, and Uncle Qiu’s medical skills are outstanding. It is not that you would only drag me down, but instead, you would help me a lot. I, your granddaughter, don't know how to manage a city, so I also have to seek a lot of grandpa’s advice."

How could Shen Yanxiao not know about Shen Feng’s concerns? She had already thought things thoroughly. Vermillion Bird had also told her last night that the people of The Rising Sun City had already recovered their health under the treatments of Ye Qing and Yun Qi. The construction of the buildings that had not been built within The Rising Sun City were completely finished. They were just waiting for her to go back to open the gates and formally announce the completion of The Rising Sun City.

"Oh, those are not important. The important thing is that our strength has  not been fully restored. If we encounter higher demons, not only must you protect us, you will also need to protect yourself." Shen Feng shook his head. He was very pleased with Shen Yanxiao’s filial piety, but he couldn’t help but worry about her safety.

It was very important for the Long Xuan Empire to build a city in the Barren Land. If Shen Yanxiao could successfully build The Rising Sun City, it would be the only Barren Land City of the Long Xuan Empire that would have been opened up. How very significant was that?

The Rising Sun City would become the most solid backing of Shen Yanxiao; he did not want to increase her troubles at this time.

"It's normal to encounter higher demons there, but they wouldn’t dare to attack you even if you gave them 100 guts." Shen Yanxiao whispered. The demons in The Rising Sun City were now all well-behaved. If she said east, they did not dare to go west, and if she asked them to build a house, they did not dare to be lazy. They were now simply a group of loyal dogs.

If those demons knew that her grandfather and Fifth Uncle would come to The Rising Sun City, they probably would have lined up to welcome them, and even sing and dance to express their enthusiasm and friendliness.


Don’t be ridiculous! They were not that impatient to die. Bullying the family of their City Lord? Wouldn’t that be a suicide?

Those who would dare would be strangled to death by the higher demons.

If they dared to disrespect the parents who had given them food and clothing, then they would be beaten to death!

Shen Yanxiao’s status in The Rising Sun City was already outrageously high.

In the hearts of the demons who had been eating humans for a long time, Shen Yanxiao, who brought them delicious dark elements, was a G.o.ddess!


“You can go and arrange it.” After this long and tiring day, Shen Feng felt exhausted. By experiencing all these things, he had learned that Shen Ling was indeed a good son, so he did intend to let him handle everything.

"Shen Yanxiao, tell me what needs to be prepared when going to the Barren Land, I’ll send someone to handle it.” Shen Ling had never been to the Barren Land, so he could only ask Shen Yanxiao about it.  

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Feng who had finally agreed, and she could not help but be in a good mood. She smiled at Shen Ling and said, “You don’t need anyone to prepare anything. There are already ready-made items in The Rising Sun City. Just make sure to bring your money and valuables.”

Shen Yanxiao: Yes, yes. Just bring your important stuff then fill the rest of the storage with gold coins.

 Shen Ling: ...Why do I feel like we raised a money-hungry monster?

Shen Yanxiao: Well it does not matter, right? I mean no matter what I still manage to accomplish your dreams for me.

 Shen Ling: You're not even denying it?

Shen Yanxiao: Ah, it's best to accept the truth than to lie to yourself.

 Shen Ling: ...

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