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“When your parents were killed, we received the news after a few months. Your grandfather sent someone to take your parents’ corpses back, but they couldn’t find them. We just heard that all of you were killed. Your grandfather thought you were also dead, and he was greatly heartbroken. But that night, that youth brought you back."

"When I took you from your grandfather's arms, you had a high fever. You were burning all over, so I hastened to treat you. Your grandfather then said something to that teenager which I didn't hear. I only know that he was your savior who sent you back to the family. After that night, the youth was gone. You were taken care of by your grandfather, and he told everyone about your return to the Vermillion Bird Clan."

"I thought I would never see that youth again, but three years later, an eight-year-old child suddenly appeared in the Vermillion Bird Clan and became your grandfather’s grandson. He was named Shen Siyu. You know, when I first saw that child, I was stunned. That child looked exactly the same as the youth who sent you back to the Vermillion Bird Clan that day. Even his elegant temperament was not different. The only thing that had changed was his age."

“I thought Shen Siyu was that youth’s relative. Perhaps the youth’s home had some misfortune and entrusted Shen Siyu to your grandfather. But I really felt that Shen Siyu and the youth that night were too similar. If it weren’t for their age, I would have really thought that they were the same person. After that, Shen Siyu spent two years in the Vermillion Bird Clan. In those two years, he was almost always standing by your side. By the time he was ten years old, your grandfather suddenly let him handle some of Vermillion Bird Clan’s affairs, and since then, he would rarely come back. However, each time he came back, he would grow up and become more like the youth that night. This continued until he had completely grown up as a teenager two years ago, and the youth that I remembered was exactly the same as him.”

“I thought I was just being paranoid. I mean, who in the world could change from big to small, and slowly grow back again? But not long ago, when Shen Duan and Shen Yue rebelled, I was greatly worried about your grandfather. I asked him to tell me about the whereabouts of Shen Siyu so I could look for him and ask him to come back to save them, but your grandfather didn't tell me where he was and just said that Shen Siyu will not come, because the Vermillion Bird Clan has nothing to do with Shen Siyu."

Shen Qiu said and could not help but laugh.

“I was angry that day. Shen Siyu actually disregarded the grace of parenting, and he did not care whether the Vermillion Bird Clan lived or died. I argued with your grandfather until your grandfather told me that Shen Siyu was never his grandson. The life and death of the Vermillion Bird Clan had nothing to do with Shen Siyu. Shen Siyu will only appear when you are concerned. What he is protecting is not the Vermillion Bird Clan, but you."

"At that time, I realized that my guess was not wrong. Shen Siyu was the youth who sent you back to the Vermillion Bird Clan that night, but I do not know what method he used to become smaller so that he could stay by your side for ten years."

Shen Qiu turned to look at Shen Yanxiao.


“This is all I know. I believe with your intelligence, you should be able to guess the relations.h.i.+p between Shen Siyu and the Vermillion Bird Clan. As for his true ident.i.ty, I don’t know. I only know I have watched that child for ten years, yet I still haven’t seen his true nature. In any case, he is your benefactor. Since your grandfather is unwilling to tell you, he naturally has his reasons. You should not ask too much about this again. Shen Siyu... he will never harm you.”

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