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"Vicious? Compared to Second Uncle, I'm afraid that I'm still too kind." Shen Yanxiao sneered and stared at Shen Yifeng's trembling hands then smiled, "I say, if I cut these ten fingers and turn them into a minced meat using this knife, I don't know how painful it would be."

"Don't touch him! I’ll say it! I’ll tell you anything!" Shen Duan completely gave up, he was just making a fuss over nothing. Shen Yanxiao had used his son that he most cared about to force him. He knew that he couldn’t escape death anymore, but he did not want to drag Shen Yifeng and let him suffer as well.

"Second Uncle is really very understanding." Shen Yanxiao smiled slightly, "Then, I’ll trouble Second Uncle to honestly explain the truth about my father’s death."

Shen Duan took a deep breath.

“Your father was deeply loved by your grandfather, and I had known that if he was allowed to continue living, this Vermillion Bird Clan would soon fall to his hands. When you had been born, your father took you and your mother to the Moon G.o.d Continent to see your mother's relatives. After receiving the news, I took people to intercept them halfway. I bribed the guards around your father and drugged their meals so that they would be dead asleep at night, and that was when I made my move. I had wanted to cut weeds and eliminate the roots, so I was also going to kill you. However, a mysterious man appeared that night. He was very strong, and I was not his opponent. He asked for you, so I gave you to him. I did not expect that after five months, you were actually sent back to the Vermillion Bird Clan. I had thought that you would never be able to return in this life, but I did not think that you could still come back! However, after you came back, Shen Qiu said that you were a waste and mentally sick, so I had no longer put you in my eyes."

Shen Duan’s mouth calmly narrated such a murder case as if everything was all normal.

However, for Shen Yanxiao and Shen Feng, every word that was spoken by Shen Duan was like a knife cutting their hearts.

"Mysterious man? Do you know his ident.i.ty?" Shen Yanxiao pressed down her inner hatred and asked.

Shen Duan shook his head.

"I don't know his ident.i.ty, but I know that he was as strong as a Second Stage Professional. He seemed to intentionally conceal his ident.i.ty. He was wearing a face-changing mask that day, and he shot very carefully. I couldn’t even tell his profession."

Shen Yanxiao was full of doubts. Who was that mysterious person? Why would he take her away? Why did he send her back five months later?

She knew Shen Duan would not lie at this time.

However, Shen Duan's words left her with more questions.

"Xiu, do you know who that man is?" Shen Yanxiao directed her question at the bottom of her heart.

‘I only became conscious after you were two years old. I didn't know anything before that.' Xiu’s answer made Shen Yanxiao secretly surprised.

'I don’t have any idea at all as to what had happened before you were two years old. It wasn’t until that time I realized that I existed in your body in the state of soul. As for everything before you reach the age of two, I don’t have any memory.'

Shen Yanxiao bit her lips. Her Seven Stars Locking Moon seal was likely to occur during those five months she was lost, but no one could tell her what exactly happened during those five months.

Shen Duan continued to narrate how he had inflicted harm on his two brothers, and after hearing everything, the physically and mentally weak Shen Feng almost fainted. Shen Yanxiao directly let Shen Ling help Shen Feng back into his room.

Because she knew that everything that would follow was not something Shen Feng could bear to witness.

After that night, there were no Shen Duan, Shen Yue, and Shen Yifeng in the world.

[TL Note: May they rest in peace.]

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