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Qi Cang's emotion was instantly jammed. He blinked and looked at Qi Xia.

Wait a minute!

How did the topic get there? He was obviously trying to find out what kind of relations.h.i.+p this smelly boy had with that little la.s.s Shen Yanxiao. How did they end up talking about friends.h.i.+p?

Qi Cang's mouth slightly twitched. He fiercely stared at Qi Xia and found a subtle cunningness in the eyes of this little fox.

“Grandpa, you think so too, right?” Qi Xia looked at his grandfather with a “I am very pure” expression.

Think my a.s.s ah!

Qi Cang wanted to lift the table and throw it at him. No wonder that this little fox was answering his questions so honestly. He had long thought it was better to answer him and led him around!

He was overturning the sky, he even dared to fool his grandfather?!

“You shut up for me!” Qi Cang glared at Qi Xia.

"Who asked you this? I asked you about Shen Yanxiao! Shen Yanxiao! Who needs you to mention about that stinking brat of the Black Tortoise Clan?!" The old fox was quickly angered.

Qi Xia blinked his eyes very innocently.

"I'm talking about Little Xiao. What I’m saying all this time is all about her, isn’t it?"

"About her my foot! Don't give me this whole c.r.a.p. I'll put my words on here today! You're not a child anymore. You’re old enough to think about marriage. The little girl of the Vermillion Bird Clan looked very pleasing to the eye, she has good looks, is filial, and her strength is not bad. In the future, you must find someone like her. If it is not someone better than her, I will not allow her to enter our door!" Qi Cang firmly and directly said his points to Qi Xia instead of being led around by this smelly boy again.

Qi Xia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at his grandfather.

This statement seemed to give him the power to love freely, but he was actually given a death order. Finding someone better than Little Xiao...

Where could he find another woman such as her?

Those who were more beautiful than Shen Yanxiao would definitely not be as formidable as her. Those who were more formidable than her would definitely not be as beautiful as her. If there was someone who had better looks and was more valiant than Shen Yanxiao, he reckoned that that person’s real age was old enough to be his grandmother.

And Qi Xia did not believe that Qi Cang would allow him to marry someone who was older than Qi Cang himself.

It was clear that Qi Cang wanted him to hook up with Shen Yanxiao!

“Grandpa, Little Xiao is still young.” Seeing that he could no longer fool him again, Qi Xia could only helplessly answer.

Wasn't this forcing him to play a cruel hand on a little girl who wasn’t fully grown yet!?

"Still young now, but she will grow up later!" Qi Cang said. "You don’t argue with me about this. I’ll tell you, that old stuff, Tang Ao, is definitely also making his move. If you are a step late, and those few boys took the lead, see if I don’t break your legs!”

“Grandpa...” Qi Xia wanted to cry. Qi Cang directly acted like a rogue with him.

What about discussing things with your n.o.ble temperament?

Where was that person of good moral standing and reputation went?

This was a forced marriage!

"In any case, you and that little girl must be married to each other first and foremost, alright?"



In the Black Tortoise Clan Residence, Tang Nazhi was dumbfoundedly looking at Tang Ao who just uttered astonis.h.i.+ng words. He wondered if his ears were hearing wrong.

Tang Ao actually wanted him to go to Shen Yanxiao and propose a marriage? And he was also planning to see Shen Feng as well?!

This world was crazy!

"Can you calm down a bit, how old are you already, still being surprised at every little thing." Tang Ao sat in a chair, contemptuously watching his grandson.

"I... I'm calm." Tang Nazhi’s face looked bitter. G.o.d knew just what exactly happened to his grandfather, he actually brought up such a shocking proposal.

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