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Several of them could no longer act unrestrained. They did not dare put on an act in front of their grandfathers. Circling in the air for a while, they saw nothing unusual in or around the Vermillion Bird Clan. Shen Feng smiled and looked at them. The few animals silently recovered their Mythological Beasts and landed awkwardly inside the Vermillion Bird Clan.


"Scoundrel, you have guts! You were not given Black Tortoise so you could show off! You actually dared scare your grandfather, you really don’t want to live anymore!" Tang Ao’s temper was the most fierce. When he saw that Tang Nazhi not replying, he came forward and kicked him with his foot.


Tang Nazhi did not dare fight back, so he was abruptly thrown on the ground by Tang Ao’s kick. He turned his head towards Tang Ao’s direction and tried to explain just to see Tang Ao holding Li Xiaowei’s hands and saying in a concerned tone, "Xiaowei ah, come and talk to your grandfather about your magical beast. It looks very strong.”


Tang Nazhi wanted to cry. I’m also your grandson, don’t you think the difference of treatment is too great?!


Is this really his grandfather?!


"That is Eight-Headed Serpent. My master... left it to me." Li Xiaowei looked at Tang Ao somewhat stiffly.


"Oh, Eight-Headed Serpent, ah, it is indeed worthy of you, and here I was looking for a magical beast to give you, but since you have one, then all is good." Tang Ao smilingly looked at Li Xiaowei. Compared to the simple-minded, muscle-headed, idiot - Tang Nazhi, Li Xiaowei appeared smarter and clever.


“Grandpa...” Tang Nazhi, extended his trembling hands and tried to find a sense of existence. Unfortunately, Tang Ao did not even give him a sidelong glance.


I’m also your grandson!!! You can't be this fickle!!!


"How did you guys get here?" Qi Cang glanced at the grandfather and grandchildren of the Black Tortoise Clan, who looked really amusing. He secretly reminded himself that he must not be as disgraceful as the idiot Tang Ao.


Barbaric Black Tortoise Clan!


They knew nothing about temperament!


What was Temperament?


Just look at him! How graceful he is!


Qi Xia said with a smile, "Vermillion Bird said that the Vermillion Bird Clan is in a dire situation. So we hastened to travel here from The Rising Sun..." The last word stuck in Qi Xia’s throat. He, who was usually very clever, had actually done a stupid thing at this moment!


"The Rising Sun City?" Qi Cang’s eyes widened.


The next second, Qi Cang brandished the wand in his hand and knocked it on Qi Xia’s head.


What graceful temperament, it was now but a floating cloud...


"Did you not tell me that you’re going back to Holy Roland School! What's that about The Rising Sun City?! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't run! I’ll promise not to kill you!"


"No... Grandpa, you listen. Let me explain! Hey! Don't Spank Me!”


Yan Yu and Yang Xi silently watched the tragic encounter of Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi; they swallowed their saliva, looking slightly uneasily at their own grandfathers..


Yang Qiong stared into Yang Xi’s eyes.


“Do you want me to be merciful or strict?”


Yang Xi, being aware said, "Merciful."


Yang Qiong nodded with satisfaction.


"Spit it out!"


"We didn’t go to Holy Roland School."


"Nonsense! Speak the truth!"


"We had long planned to go to Little Xiao’s Rising Sun City. After leaving home, we went there directly..." Yang Xi shot a glance at Qi Xia, who had already circled the entire yard while being chased by Qi Cang, and Tang Nazhi, who was being kicked by Tang Ao. He started to get really nervous himself.


“Then what about the weapons you took from home saying you wanted to sell them in the Black City?” Yang Qiong raised an eyebrow.


"They’re in The Rising Sun City."


"And the few forging division masters that were also taken from home?" Yang Qiong continued to raise his eyebrow.


"Also in The Rising Sun City..."


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