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Shen Yanxiao’s eyes reddened. Be it Shen Ling or Shen Feng, when they saw her for the first time again, they did not ask her to save them. Instead, they asked her to quickly leave from here. They only wished she could be safe and sound. Such a profound feeling, how could she not be moved?

"Grandpa, I won't leave. Don't worry, I have a way to deal with them. I'll take you and Fifth Uncle and leave from here. I'll personally deal with Shen Duan and them by myself." Shen Yanxiao tightly held onto Shen Feng’s trembling hands. Shen Feng's white hair pierced her eyes with pain.

"You child, you don’t know the seriousness of this matter. This is not something you can intervene. Your two uncles had led a wolf into the house. The Vermillion Bird Clan has no hope anymore." The betrayal of his own sons and the obstruction of an expert made Shen Feng feel despair.

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. She knew at once that Shen Feng was referring to the Broken Star Palace.

"Is Grandpa talking about the Broken Star Palace?"

Shen Feng was slightly surprised.

"You already know?"

Shen Yanxiao nodded, "Shen Yifeng’s master, Ruan Yingzhe, is from the Broken Star Palace. Fifth Uncle had also told me about the general situation of the Broken Star Palace. I know that Ruan Yingzhe is a Second Stage Professional, but even so, our Vermillion Bird Clan should still not be easy to bully."

"The Broken Star Palace is not as simple as you think. Your fifth uncle knows very little about them." Shen Feng sighed, "You know, in the war of the G.o.ds and Demons, humans have also partic.i.p.ated in it, and humans have stood on the side of the G.o.ds against the Demon Race. At that time, as to appreciate the support of humanity, the G.o.d Race had purposely used their divine power to upgrade the strength of many experts to an astonis.h.i.+ng level. After the battle against the Demon Race, the G.o.ds fell and the Demons returned to the underworld. Those who had received the favor of the G.o.d Race and had been given astonis.h.i.+ng power have felt that their strength already has a great disparity with other human beings, and since they also have witnessed the most fierce battle in the world, they collectively live in seclusion and built the Broken Star Palace, far away from normal people.”

"After thousands of years, the Radiance Continent experienced countless wind and storms, even so, the experts in the Broken Star Palace rarely appeared. Only when the four countries were established and carried out an eradication of the demons together did they provide their a.s.sistance. The five great clans had relation with the Broken Star Palace that can be traced back to the battle of G.o.ds and Demons. When the eradication of the demons that had been left behind in the Radiance Continent took place, the five ancient Mythological Beasts have not yet formed an alliance with mankind, so the five clans worked side by side with the experts of the Broken Star Palace to resist the invasion of the demons. Since then, the rules of the Broken Star Palace were respected by the strong. After reaching the Second Stage Profession, people will have absolute strength in the Radiance Continent, the disparity between them and ordinary people would become too big. And after the Broken Star Palace invited all the people who had reached the Second Stage Profession, their strength unavoidably became unbalanced to the world.”

"After thousands of years of change, the Broken Star Palace had gathered countless Second Stage Professionals. No one knows how much power they have now. But, just a few days ago, Ruan Yingzhe of the Broken Star Palace suddenly appeared in Long Xuan Empire and stood beside Shen Duan to seize the Vermillion Bird Clan. As to why the Broken Star Palace would suddenly meddle with the things in the Radiance Continent, that, I do not know. But the fact that the Broken Star Palace appeared once again for the first time after hundreds of years is not a small matter. Regardless of their intentions for aiming at my Vermillion Bird Clan, Little Xiao, you are not their opponents." Shen Feng tried to persuade Shen Yanxiao to stop whatever plans she had.

Shen Yanxiao was slightly astonished after hearing Shen Feng's words.

The Broken Star Palace turned out to have appeared right after the war of the G.o.ds and Demons, yet Xiu did not seem to know the existence of the Broken Star Palace?

"Xiu, you really don't know the Broken Star Palace?" Shen Yanxiao asked secretly.

‘I don't know anything after the war.' Xiu said lightly.

"..." He did not know anything about what happened after the battle of the G.o.ds and Demons? Didn’t that mean...

Xiu had died before the war ended?

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