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"Elder Yang really has nothing to worry about. My master said that if you agree, he will surely give you millions of gold coins; you will definitely not suffer a loss." Shen Yifeng smiled enigmatically. His handsome face right now made people feel creepy, making people’s flesh seem to twitch.


Yang Qiong's expression was extremely unsightly. Millions of gold coins looked a lot, but not if we’re talking about the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon of the Azure Dragon Clan.


Tens of millions of gold coins were still regarded as cheap for its price. Exchanging a lot of treasures that were hard to find in the world was much better. The value of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was just that immeasurable. So what could a small number, millions of gold coins, count for?


Yet, Shen Yifeng actually had the nerve to offer a few million gold coins in exchange for it, and also said that Yang Qiong would not suffer a loss? This was simply a joke.


With millions of gold coins, even one-tenth of the Divine Weapon could not be bought!


Only those people who were so thick-skinned as Shen Yifeng could say those words without feeling ashamed and instead, have an “it’s a very fair price” expression.


Yang Qiong was angry and annoyed.


Shen Yifeng’s words were like slapping his face. How could their Azure Dragon Clan lack millions of gold coins?


“You must be joking. Azure Dragon Clan’s Hundred-Year Divine Weapon has always been auctioned off at an auction house. If your master is really interested in it, at the time that the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon is sent for auction, I will send a post and invite him to bid.” Even a clay person still had some degree of anger[1]. Yang Qiong was humiliated by Shen Yifeng, this younger generation boy, how could he take this lying down?


[1] Even the nicest person has a bottom line.


"Going by the rules, since the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon is the possession of the Azure Dragon Clan, and Elder Yang is the Clan Head of the Azure Dragon Clan, then, saying that you have the final say about the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon is just right. Why should you care about anything else? Or is it that Elder Yang will be willing to sell it to my master only if he comes to you in person?” When Shen Yifeng brought up his own master again, Yang Qiong’s face instantly became pale.


Yang Qiong just wanted to open his mouth when a middle-aged man standing beside him  immediately said, "Little Yifeng is joking. How can we trouble your master to come forward himself? It’s just that, the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon indeed has been forged, but it hasn't been embedded with the appropriate magic nucleus yet. Without a magic nucleus, it’s still not a finished product. Why not wait until we find the right magic nucleus. After we have completed it, how about you give it to your master then? As for money, this is a trivial matter. Just say it is the Azure Dragon Clan’s gift to your master."


The middle-aged man who spoke was Yang Xi’s father and the son of Yang Qiong.


Shen Yifeng laughed loudly and looked at Yang Kai, "Since uncle has said it so politely, then it will not be good for this junior to decline. I will report this matter to my master after returning to the residence. I would like to thank uncle and Elder Yang Qiong for your good intentions."


The original millions of gold coins were suddenly saved; Shen Yifeng was not polite enough to decline.


Shen Yanxiao was really speechless. Yang Xi’s and Yang Qiong’s temperament were somewhat similar, but his father Yang Kai seemed to be completely different.


This Yang Kai was rather too good to speak to; he actually directly gave away the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon?


Anyway, just who exactly was Shen Yifeng's master? Why was it that even this pair of father and son, Yang Qiong and Yang Kai, were so afraid of him that they would cup their hands across their chest and give away the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon?


"You don't have to be polite. Tell your master we wish him well." Yang Kai smiled and said politely.


Shen Yifeng did not say another word. His purpose had been accomplished, so he got up and threw some perfunctory sentence before leading his servants and swaggering away from Yang Qiong and Yang Kai.

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