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 "However, I can accompany you for a while in The Rising Sun City. Although my strength had already run out, determining what kind of curse technique the other side used is still not a problem for me. So long as we find out what kind of curse it is, with the ability of both of us, master and disciple, we can naturally solve it. "

"That is exactly my intention." Shen Yanxiao finally breathed a sigh of relief. With Yun Qi’s help, she did not believe that there was a curse that could render her helpless!

"However, I can't do anything about the potion." Yun Qi sighed. The situation in The Rising Sun City was complicated. Even if they could dispel the curse, the negative potion was still a headache.

"That’s no problem. I also have a solution for this point. I'm going to invite master Ye Qing to help us." Shen Yanxiao said.

“Ye Qing?” Yun Qi nodded slightly. After returning to Holy Roland School, Ye Qing had come to him one night. The two old men did not say too much to one another, but they both knew that they had a common disciple.

"Ye Qing is very honest and you are also his disciple. I believe that he should agree with your request." Shen Yanxiao considered things very well. Yun Qi was very pleased.

“Then, I asked master to make preparations first. I’ll go see master Ye Qing later. Then we’ll take advantage of the night to hurry back to The Rising Sun City.” Shen Yanxiao really had to be in such a hurry; the later she went back to the city, the more painful the people would suffer.

"Good, you go arrange it, this master will listen to everything what you say."

Shen Yanxiao stayed in the Warlock Branch until evening before leaving for her next target.

The library of the Pharmaceutical Branch was different from the Warlock Branch’s. To enter the floor on which Ye Qing is located, one must take a lift. Shen Yanxiao could only sneak in when the mentors in the library went to eat their dinner.

Shen Yanxiao was planning to sneak into Ye Qing’s room, but Xiu’s voice suddenly sounded.

‘There’s someone.’

Shen Yanxiao was shocked and immediately jumped up to the beam, hiding herself in the darkness.

In the next second, two familiar figures appeared below her.

Luo De had a taut face and looking at Ye Qing with a bit of anxiety, "Master Ye Qing, please help with this matter. I can't contact Shen Jue at all. There was no way to inform her, but since I knew it, I couldn't just watch the Vermillion Bird Clan get in trouble."

Shen Yanxiao on the beam was slightly shocked. Luo De’s words made her feel alarmed.

What happened to Vermillion Bird Clan? What’s going on?

“This matter, I’ll come forward with my name, with that I’m sure they will make some estimations for their actions. The most important thing right now is to find ways to stabilize Shen Feng’s injuries and not allow him to continue to deteriorate. I will concoct several potions, and write a letter which you must take to the Imperial Capital. In any case, you have to save Shen Feng.” Ye Qing's expression was ugly, and his tone had a hint of anger.

‘Shen Feng's injuries’, these words blew open Shen Yanxiao’s mind. She could not mind any other things, she directly jumped down and stood in front of Luo De and Ye Qing.

Luo De and Ye Qing were shocked. The sudden appearance of Shen Yanxiao made both of them took a few steps back.

"What happened to my grandfather?!" Shen Yanxiao's nervously asked. An ominous premonition rose in her heart.

“Shen...Shen Jue?” Luo De looked at Shen Yanxiao again in shock and askance. Since Shen Yanxiao won the school tournament, Shen Yanxiao then disappeared. Luo De and Ye Qing already had some speculations about Shen Yanxiao's ident.i.ty, though.

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