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Qi Xia, Li Xiaowei, Yan Yu, Vermillion Bird, and the two Phoenixes had been scattered to various places in The Rising Sun City to take care of the sick people. However, they still couldn’t find out why this strange thing occurred. As Priests, Uncle Jiu and Yan Yu suspected that if it was not a negative potion containing a highly toxic substance, then it was a curse. So they could only look for Shen Yanxiao.  


Shen Yanxiao frowned and looked at Du Lang's situation.


The dou qi in Du Lang’s body was in disorder, as if something had upset it, making it flow wildly into the eight extrameridians. And this disorder was something Shen Yanxiao was very familiar with.


Corrosive magic of curse techniques!


Shen Yanxiao frowned instantly. Then she quickly looked at the other six wolves to see their situation. Their condition was the same with that of Du Lang!


"It seems that someone did the same thing with what I previously did." Shen Yanxiao sneered.


"What do you mean?" Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi were slightly startled.


"Ah, do you remember the trick I used when I dealt with Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao at Holy Roland School?” Shen Yanxiao said.


“Oh, that negative potion with a curse? Are you saying that someone used a negative potion and a curse on the people of the city? How can that be possible? There wasn’t anything strange during these past few days, and it’s impossible for a person to make all of these people turn sick without anyone becoming aware.” Yang Xi felt that something was wrong. If someone really secretly moved their hands, it would be impossible for no one to notice it. They might not be noticed by the slaves based on their current strength, but the seven wolves were all Senior professionals, it was impossible for someone to cast a curse and make them drink a potion without them noticing.


Unless, of course, the other party was a Second Stage Professional, but even a Second Stage Professional couldn’t make the people of the entire Rising Sun City fall down at the same time!


"My guess is not wrong. The situation in Du Lang’s body is the same with Luo Fan at that time. The only difference is that the level of the potion I made and the curse in it weren’t too high, but this potion and curse&h.e.l.lip; I can’t see through it." Shen Yanxiao's expression was ugly. She was now at the Senior level in both Pharmacist and Warlock profession. If she couldn’t see through it that meant this potion was a master level, and as for the curse&h.e.l.lip;


She was afraid that only someone who had reached the Second Stage Profession Summoner could use such a curse technique. Otherwise, even if it was her, she still wouldn’t be able to find any way to deal with it.


"You can’t see through it?" Yang Xi was stunned. He was very clear about Shen Yanxiao’s current strength. There were only a few potions and curses that she didn’t know.


“This negative potion is a master level, and the curse must be a Summoner level. I can't...” Shen Yanxiao secretly gritted her teeth, she have never felt useless until now.


To think that the people in her city had drunk a potion which had a curse in it, yet her Pharmacist and Warlock skills couldn’t even help!


"Fortunately, they were not affected so deeply. They must have not drink worth a whole bottle directly." Shen Yanxiao's brain was spinning fast. Now was not the time to give up.  If she gave up, then the people of the city wouldn’t have any hope!


“Let's go and check! Let Uncle Jiu bring buckets of water from every well in and out of The Rising Sun City, and also give us the foods in our reserves. Such a wide range poisoning absolutely wouldn’t just have one source.” Shen Yanxiao issued an order at once.




Soon, dozens of buckets of clean water and dozens of dry foods were sent to Shen Yanxiao. She immediately used the Warlock’s perception to examine the water in each buckets.


Sure enough, these dozens of buckets of water contained a lot of negative potions and strong corrosive curses. As for the food, there was no problem.


“Someone has tampered with our water supply.” Shen Yanxiao punched the wall, annoyed. She was really careless. She thought that with the might of eight Mythological Beasts, she could suppress the other three forces for some time, but she did not expect that they would dare to confront her through a not head-on way. They actually used such a lowly method.




SYX: Those **** forces! They dare to used such a lowly method to get on me! See if I don't dare swarm their place with demons!


 Du Lang: Calm down! The most important thing we must do now is to first treat the people!


SYX: (╬ಠ益ಠ) Fine, but once we got things all wrap up, I will kill them, and no one can stop me!


Uncle Jiu: ...

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