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"You mean, I'm not human?" Shen Yanxiao was having difficulty digesting this news.


She, who had lived two lifetimes as a human, had suddenly been told that she was not a human...


She really could not calm down!


"No, you still have human characteristics in your body; just, the characteristics of Elves suddenly appeared. Basically, you are still partly human." Xiu, with an extremely calm tone, said his conclusion that made Shen Yanxiao crazy.


"How could I have the characteristics of the Elves? My parents are both humans.” Shen Yanxiao was speechless. She remembered looking at the portrait of Shen Yu and his wife, a handsome man and a beautiful woman, a real human couple. And her appearance was very similar to her parents; her having been adopted was out of the question.


"I'm not sure yet, but judging from the circ.u.mstances when I unlocked your seal last night, if we continue to unlock the following layers of the seal, your Elf blood will break out and you'll probably completely transform into a real Elf.” Xiu said thoughtfully.


Transform into a real Elf?


Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched. Last night, she was still a human. Now, she had become partly human. After a while, she would completely turn into something not human?!


Sitting in a chair, Shen Yanxiao's mind was spinning at a fast speed, and strange thoughts constantly flashed in her mind.


She suddenly thought of a problem.


“Xiu, tell me, could it be that I’m the same as Little Feng...” Shen Yanxiao remembered that the Dragon Race’s Dragon Might had appeared in Lan Fengli’s body. Could it be that she also had been fused with another race?


But soon, Xiu denied Shen Yanxiao's guess.


"No, the characteristics of other races in Lan Fengli were imposed upon. Although they are fused together, it can still be perceived that they had been fused into the body. On the other hand, the Elf blood within you is truly pure. It is as gentle as the human blood in your body; there is no independence nor repulsion.”


The only possible explanation was also cut off, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t think of any more possibilities.


This sudden change caught her unprepared.


"There is another possibility." Xiu suddenly opened his mouth.


"What is it?"


"Between your parents, one of them is an Elf, or part of them is an Elf."


“Can humans and Elves really unite?” Shen Yanxiao slightly felt that it was unbelievable. The Elves were a rather aloof race. The Elves who had always been self-righteous and lofty would rarely interact with people. For Elves, humans were greedy and also filthy. They disdained humanity.


Xiu seemed a bit hesitant. He answered only after a moment, "All races have the possibility of integration, it depends on them if they are willing or unwilling. When the Demons were not yet extinct, there were once a G.o.d and a Demon who fell in love with each other and gave birth to a child."


"A child of a G.o.d and a Demon?" Shen Yanxiao felt like she was in a fantasy at this moment. The sudden war between the G.o.d Race and the Demon Race was more terrible than the conflict between humans and demons in the surface of the land. What kind of  amazing individuals were those two fellows? They were actually able to break the shackles of morality and racial restriction, step over the uncrossable two races, and make an earth-shattering love story?


Subconsciously, she began to wonder if Xiu was...


"I'm not." Xiu seemed to have guessed Shen Yanxiao's thoughts, and faintly rejected her guess.


"I know you may be curious. I promise you, after I fully recover my strength, I will tell you who I am and from where I am. I will honor my promise and take you to my land to see everything there."


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