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 "Kill? If I remember correctly, you, the 'Master Pharmacist' haven't seen blood for a long time." The man in the black robes laughed.


Jun Mo raised his eyebrows.


“I'll do it depending on whether there is value in getting rid of the other party. Killing an insignificant person in exchange for the loyalty of an experimental body, why not?”


"Oh? What kind of person are you killing?" the man in the black robe asked curiously.


“A little girl from the Long Xuan Empire, Vermillion Bird Clan's Shen Yanxiao.”




The man in the black robes dropped the teacup directly on the ground. The next second, he laughed.


"Shen Yanxiao? Haha... Shen Yanxiao!"


"What's wrong with him?" Jun Mo frowned at the man in black robes who was laughing more than ever.


Ouyang Huanyu's face carried a gentle smile.


"It seems that you can't kill this someone."




The man in black robes burst into tears from laughing too much. He pointed to Jun Mo and then to Ouyang Huanyu before saying, "It's funny, it's so funny. One wants to kill, one wants to recruit. Both of you have quite the tacit understanding there."


"You want to recruit that Shen Yanxiao?" Jun Mo immediately guessed the reason, making him very surprised. Ouyang Huanyu was rarely interested in other people. Apart from the first experimental body he had personally selected, the other nine experimental bodies were selected by him and the man in black robes. But now, Ouyang Huanyu actually had an interest in a young kid who had not yet grown up, which made Jun Mo incomparably curious.


"She can be a successful p.a.w.n." Ouyang Huanyu said.


"Oh? But I have already made a promis with Luo Fan, what if I really want to kill her?" Jun Mo's eyes revealed a grim smile.


Ouyang Huanyu gave him a look and said coldly, "The loss of an unknown experimental body is nothing for me, but if a future Great Summoner is lost, I will certainly kill you."


Ouyang Huanyu's tone carried cold and murderous intents that they had never seen before. This terrible atmosphere was completely inconsistent with his kind face.


“...Are you serious? How can you tell that Shen Yanxiao will become a Great Summoner in the future? Before, when the Warlocks in the Radiance Continent were still not in decline, there were only three people who were able to reach the level of Great Summoner. Do you think that that kid's talent can be compared with ours?" Jun Mo sneered.


“A little kid who has reached the level of Senior Warlock at the age of thirteen and a half. She possesses a talent which is beyond yours. So why won't I believe she can become a Great Summoner?” Ouyang Huanyu said.


"Thirteen-year-old... Senior Warlock?" Jun Mo's face became pale in a moment. Warlock cultivation was far more difficult than other professions, and the strength of a Great Summoner was enough to counter the unknown masters of other professions at the same level.


Shen Yanxiao was only 13 years old now. He was 23 years old when he became a Senior Warlock and that was already a very rare thing.


Jun Mo finally understood why Ouyang Huanyu so persistently wanted to rope in Shen Yanxiao. Such a Warlock was too precious for them.


"Well then, I promise I won't make a move against her." Jun Mo did not hesitate to let go of his initial intentions.


"But in order to give an account to Luo Fan, I will start with the people around her."


Ouyang Huanyu shrugged and said, "That's no problem. Aside from looking at the new experimental body, I've also come to see you today to tell you that by all means, everything Shen Yanxiao has in the Barren Land must be destroyed. I want her to be completely cornered, so that she will have no choice but to be under my grasp!"


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