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Ouyang Huanyu unexpectedly did not stay any longer. After Shen Yanxiao’s words intended to turn visitors out, he left and went straight away.


Shen Yanxiao also specifically let people give Ouyang Huanyu some dry food. As for other food, I'm sorry but The Rising Sun City is still being rebuilt and the city is still poor. Therefore, please just take this food and go!


Shen Yanxiao watched as Ouyang Huanyu rode away with his white horse and breathed a sigh of relief. It had to be said that talking to that old fox was really tiring. After a short time, she felt that the casualty of her brain cells was great.


This night, she would resolutely stew a pig's brain to properly make up for the loss!


However, Shen Yanxiao did not know that Ouyang Huanyu, who had just left The Rising Sun City, did not follow the original road to return but instead, he traveled toward a mountain in the south.


Gradually riding away from the range of The Rising Sun City, the demons everywhere were moving.


The scent of humanity gave them a huge temptation. The demons that were hiding in the darkness and waiting for the chance to make their move rushed toward the white horse Ouyang Huanyu was riding.


Ouyang Huanyu slightly looked up and watched the several dark shadows pouncing on himself. His old right hand gently waved, and several demons turned into black powder, dispersing with the wind in an instant.

If someone witnessed this scene, they probably would be utterly shocked that their jaws would fall to the ground. Because Ouyang Huanyu did not have a wand in his hands, there was no magical fluctuation in the palm of his hand either. But just like this, several lower demons had become one heap of powder.

"Oh, every time I see you make a shot, there is always a sense of horror." After the chaos, a man wearing a black robe appeared quietly.


He stood ten steps away from Ouyang Huanyu. Under his foot were a bunch of cruelly mutilated demons.


Behind the man in the black robe, corpses were lying on the ground; the bodies of thousands of lower demons disorderly lay across the ground. Their deaths seemed extremely miserable.


Ouyang Huanyu looked at the corpses lying on the ground, his brows slightly wrinkled.


The man in the black robe seemed to perceive Ouyang Huanyu's dissatisfaction and quickly explained, "You've been in The Rising Sun City for quite a long time. These demons discovered my smell then chased after me. You know, I still needed to wait for you, so I just conveniently cleaned them up. ”


Ouyang Huanyu's brows didn't ease up and he said somewhat coldly, "You, making such movements. If you're discovered, you deserve it."


The man in black robes shrugged, "In the eastern region of the Barren Land, aside from The Rising Sun City, where else would there be a living person? What is the progress on your side by the way? Is the little Warlock willing to cooperate with us?" This black robed man was the same person Shen Yanxiao saw that night in Ouyang Huanyu's room.


Ouyang Huanyu shook his head and said, "The disciple who was taught by Yun Qi was even more stubborn than him. I reasoned with emotion and talked with her for a long time. The little girl just blocked me off."


"Oh, another one who's not amenable to reason?" The man in black robes sneered and his eyes flashed with a hint of murderous intentions.


"We can't use it. Then it's better..."


"No hurry." Ouyang Huanyu took a look at him and then looked in the direction of The Rising Sun City, "This little girl's background in Long Xuan Empire is not low, and she's already a Senior Warlock at such a young age. Even the three of you are not comparable to her. This time, she was somewhat resistant, but she is not unshakable. She was different from Yun Qi. Even if I lose Yun Qi, at least there's you and him. But the talent of this little girl on the Warlock profession is unparalleled. If it is carefully cultivated, over time, it will surpa.s.s the cultivation of several of you."


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