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“What about the demons? Until now, I have heard that the demons are extremely cruel creatures. But there are a lot of demons in The Rising Sun City, and they have never attacked me. Furthermore, just yesterday, big brother Jia Lan gave me a lot of food and it was all delicious.” Long Yue was very confused. During this period of time, what he was experiencing was completely different from his previous knowledge. Such deep contrast made him very puzzled and full of doubts.


Pei Yuan was stunned for a moment; he did not know how to answer this question.


The demons in The Rising Sun City were the most peculiar group of demons he had ever seen. They had never attacked nor eaten any humans. If he had not seen a demon eating humans before, he might also have the same question as Long Yue.


But now he was hesitating again.


He did not know what exactly Shen Yanxiao did, that she actually managed to make these vicious demons become gentle and friendly. He looked at this harmonious scene of humans and demons living together. His previous concerns and suspicions gradually disappeared.


Could it be that demons and humans can really coexist?


"It’s different." Shen Yanxiao's voice came like a surprise.


Pei Yuan and Long Yue immediately turned their heads around and saw Shen Yanxiao walking toward them. During their days in The Rising Sun City, they had rarely met Shen Yanxiao, as if she had forgotten their existence. It seemed like what they were doing everyday was nothing to be concerned of.  


"Shen Yanxiao!" After Long Yue saw Shen Yanxiao, his eyes seemed to be pleasantly surprised, but his eyes narrowed as he examined this charming little girl. His handsome face had become a bit flushed.


Shen Yanxiao looked at this young Prince before she looked at the somewhat cautious Pei Yuan. She smiled and said, “The demons outside and the demons in The Rising Sun City are different. If you dare to hang out with the demons outside, then the next second ,you’ll be swallowed whole by them.”


"Oh," Long Yue was stunned.


The stiffness of Long Yue's face made Shen Yanxiao feel very funny. She had never seen a Prince like Long Yue. Whenever she saw him, this little guy always had a shy look. People could not help but laugh.


“The vast majority of the demons on the Radiance Continent are feeding on humans, but I believe that one day, they will be like the demons of The Rising Sun City and will no longer be interested in eating human beings.” With the supply of dark elements, if the demons should still prefer to devour human organs, then they definitely had bizzare taste!


"One day? The demons have been eating humans for thousands of years, how can it easily change." Pei Yuan did not believe Shen Yanxiao's remarks.


"But in front of your eyes, isn’t there a group of demons that have changed?" Shen Yanxiao pointed at the lower demons carrying stones materials on their backs as she smiled.


Pei Yuan frowned a little. The demons of The Rising Sun City were absolutely the rarest kind of demons in the world!


“Why does the City Lord come to us today? Do you want to discuss with us the problem of demons eating humanity?”


Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders. With Pei Yuan’s sense of justice, he would not be able to forget Shen Yanxiao’s actions against them in a day or two. Although he could already talk with laughter about the higher demons in the same city, every time he saw her, he would definitely have an unhappy face.


"The Emperor sent people to visit you. I came here to call you."


"The Emperor sent people to visit us? Who is the other person?" Pei Yuan asked.


"Holy Roland School’s Dean, Ouyang Huanyu."

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