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In The Rising Sun City, Pei Yuan and Long Yue were standing in front of a building which was under construction.  They were observing the busy workers. Pei Yuan would occasionally step forward to help the workers while Long Yue stood by the side, watching the people working hard, building their own home.


Before coming to The Rising Sun City, Long Yue used to be a pampered Prince who received the most orthodox education of the Imperial Family. Everyday, he learned about ancient and modern history. He knew how the previous Emperors controlled the Long Xuan Empire, understood how to control the court officials, and knew how to balance the power.


Yet, it was his first time to personally be in contact with the citizens at the bottom of the Long Xuan Empire. The people and the things that he would normally not hear were now before him.  


“State Preceptor, the citizens of The Rising Sun City are not as uncivilized as father said; they are very courteous and kind-hearted.” During the first two months of Long Yue’s interaction with them, he slowly became fond of this group of ordinary people. Unlike most of the people he encountered, they did not fawn or even flatter him, and they also did not blindly obey him,  but they were very concerned about his life.


Every evening after these busy people stopped working, they would gather around to rest and chat. From their mouths, Long Yue learned more about them and heard a lot of adventures the mercenaries had faced.


He gradually forgot his ident.i.ty and began to laugh like a normal person among the people here. But the ugly demons would still cautiously retreat when pa.s.sing him by. It seemed that they knew that the newcomers still couldn’t fully accept their ident.i.ty.


However, neither the people nor the demons here had harmed Long Yue and Pei Yuan.


Looking at the demons constantly transporting various materials to various places in the city, Long Yue’s fear slowly faded as he got accustomed to the situation.


He felt that these silly demons were actually very cute.


“Uncivilized? The civilians here are civilized. They are never barbaric. They are very forbearing and they fear the Imperial power. Your Highness and His Majesty might not understand these ordinary people. In fact, they are very simple, as long as they can eat and drink they’ll already be satisfied. They don’t have high ambition, and they don’t even scheme. Even if they are busy everyday, they are still happy.” Pei Yuan’s eyes were gentle. The status of his origin was not n.o.ble; he had only manage to get to his current position by relying on his own strength to rise up. Compared to the other members of the Imperial Family, Pei Yuan understood the ordinary people better. He knew that the education the Emperor gave to Long Yue was inadequate in certain places.


However, their days in The Rising Sun City had gradually filled up those lacking places.


In this regard, Pei Yuan did not know whether this was good or bad. Although Shen Yanxiao restricted their freedom, in return she gave Long Yue a great opportunity to experience living with the ordinary people and experiencing what his future citizens felt.  


All the previous Emperors were ruthless; even the current Emperor was no exception. Often when he made a decision, he would mostly ignore the existence of his citizens; even when Pei Yuan would persuade him sometimes, it was still useless.


Looking at the changes in Long Yue's thinking, Pei Yuan's heart was slightly happy.


“Father always told me that the citizens were uncivilized. They were greedy and lazy and impolite. I used to believe father’s words, but this time, I have some doubts. State Preceptor Pei Yuan, do you think that the citizens of the Long Xuan Empire are similar to this adorable people of The Rising Sun City?” Long Yue hadn’t fully grown yet; hence, his thought were still somewhat naive.  

"The same." Pei Yuan smiled.

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