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"You didn’t provide any help, instead you stepped on other's painstaking efforts and took advantage of it. State Preceptor, you flaunt yourself as fair and equitable. Why did you overlook such injustice? What kind of unfairness is this acquiescence?" Every single word and sentence Qi Xia had spoken was reasonable.

Pei Yuan's complexion was black. Everything Qi Xia had said was a fact. The treatment received by Shen Yanxiao was harsher than what other people had received. It was absolutely without consideration for others. Moreover, Li Qi’s censure was really unreasonable. It was contrary to common sense.

Qi Xia looked at Pei Yuan, who had averted his gaze, and said with a smile, "Since Little Xiao is a Warlock, the Emperor doesn't like her. You don't like her either. If I haven't guessed wrongly, the purpose of State Preceptor on the surface is for inspection. But in fact, you are secretly trying to insert personnel to control The Rising Sun City. Isn't that right?"

Pei Yuan was inwardly surprised. Qi Xia's cleverness had been known all over the country. But he did not think that he could actually see everything so thoroughly.

"You don't accept her, but you want her to help you open up a city in the Barren Land, and then you plan to seize it after the city is built. State Preceptor, don't you think such way of handling things is extremely ugly?" There was a hint of coldness in Qi Xia's smile. Some words couldn't be said by Shen Yanxiao, but he could say them for her.

On her behalf, he would speak all the injustice and prejudices of the world against her!

"Just a mere profession can make you treat an innocent little girl like this? I'm sorry, but I can't stand it nor accept it. Even though I'm a person of Long Xuan Empire, I definitely won't stand with the united front against a little girl." Qi Xia's eloquent speech made Pei Yuan speechless and ashamed.

Those words were as painful as slapping his face.

Indeed, he clearly knew how unfair this was to Shen Yanxiao, but he still allowed the prejudices in his heart to continue to spread, letting Li Qi act arrogant and despotic.

“Well, my reasons are already very clear. The others' ideas are the same as mine. So I must urge the State Preceptor to not continue struggling. If you really intend to rush out of here with Bai Ze, we’ll definitely command our Mythological Beasts to take you down." Qi Xia grinned, delivering an absolute threat.

Pei Yuan's heart was in total despair. The five Mythological Beasts of the five great clans had already overwhelmed people. Not to mention there were still three other Mythological Beasts who were glaring like a tiger watching their prey and whose masters were unknown. He really had no other choice.

"Prince Long Yue is innocent. As long as you let us leave, I will not speak of today's things." Pei Yuan closed his eyes and compromised.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Pei Yuan's tragic expression, and glance at the somewhat silly Prince then said, "No."

"You don't believe me? Even though I was muddled for a while, I, Pei Yuan, have a life code to keep promises throughout my life. And I promise that I will never go back on my words!"

Shen Yanxiao said with a chuckle, "It doesn't matter if I believe you or not. You have hundreds of people on your side. Even if you can manage your own mouth, can you control the mouths of other people? I'll tell you the truth. There's one person on your team that I don't intend to let off. Though, initially, I wanted to deal with him after you returned to the Imperial Capital. But now..."

Shen Yanxiao’s voice gradually faded, and her figure impressively flashed in front of a certain person the next second.

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