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Tang Nazhi was thoroughly petrified.

Fighting the little girl he had been separated with for quite a long time was nothing, but being found out that he was lying to her the whole time...

Tang Nazhi could almost feel a dark cloud gradually shrouding over him; he could even faintly hear the roar of a thunder.

"Wait!" Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva before he continued, "I'm not really deceiving her. It's all part of the thing that my family's old man wanted me to do."

It was not that he did not want to tell Shen Yanxiao his ident.i.ty, but initially, when he had been trying to enter the Pharmaceutical Branch, his old man set up a few rules for him— he should never use his Swordsman's skills and dou qi, and he could not tell others about it; thus, he concealed it.

He really was not a liar!!! Ah! Ah……

The three animals were very heartless as they watched Tang Nazhi's face turned more and more splendid to watch.

At the same time, they were relieved.

They were very clear that Shen Yanxiao was dead-set on partic.i.p.ating in the school tournament, and her disappearance before the school tournament made Qi Xia and others extremely anxious for a long time. The four of them had almost dispatched all the people in their hands to look for Shen Yanxiao's whereabouts, but they had found nothing.

People could only hold the last glimmer of hope, praying that the little fellow could come back before the school tournament, otherwise all her plans would be ruined.

Fortunately, she really arrived just in time.

"Just, since Little Xiao came, why did she not go directly to the Holy Roland School's hotel?" Yan Yu asked curiously.

"The tryouts of Archer Branch and Pharmaceutical Branch had already ended. If she wants to partic.i.p.ate in the school tournament, she could only partic.i.p.ate as a Warlock and represent the Warlock Branch; her master should also be with her. The status of the Warlocks in Radiance Continent, this, we are very clear. Exposing them prematurely will only lead to unnecessary troubles. Anyway, people have reached the Snow Blowing City, and I believe that she will certainly appear in the finals." Qi Xia said feeling a bit satisfied with the present situation.

"I believe that in the following game, Little Xiao will be squatting in the crowd to watch the progress of the tournament." Qi Xia slackly stretched his body. His stretching slender figure attracted the attention of a group of girls on the roadsides.

"What we have to do next is to do well and not to let the little fellow down."

After a few more words, several people felt tired and returned to their hotel.

Having just returned to their own floor, they heard the bursts of crying in Shen Jiayi's room.

"She hasn't finished crying yet?" Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes. From when Qi Xia and others appeared before him until now, it looked like more than two hours had elapsed. Even people who could cry a river would still run out of tears eventually, Shen Jiayi's crying was really something else.

Qi Xia and others shrugged.

If not for Shen Yanxiao, they were really reluctant to deal with Shen Jiayi.

"Forget it, let’s just not mind her and go to sleep!" Tang Nazhi's heart was already full of the matter about him concealing his Swordsman ident.i.ty to Shen Yanxiao; where would he get the mood to care about Shen Jiayi?

The four animals then returned to their rooms to rest.

Inside a room, Shen Jiawei was sticking his ears out to listen to the movements outside. When he heard the sound of the door closing, his face sank, turned around, and looked at Shen Jiayi who was sitting on the bed and crying out tears.

"Sister, they all seem to go to bed and did not intend to come."

Shen Jiayi appeared to be mulling over her grievances at this moment. Upon hearing what Shen Jiawei said, her face immediately changed. The wronged look on her face completely faded, replaced by bitterness and anger.

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