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After that demonstration, those figures who had been spying outside The Rising Sun City disappeared on the same day.

Shen Yanxiao did not bother going to the other two forces to demonstrate because she concluded that these several forces in the Barren Land must have placed spies in each other's cities. She started to warn the Magical Fantasy City, prohibiting the monkey to kill the chickens, and that would also tell the other two forces that she, Shen Yanxiao, was not easy to bully.

If you dare to anger her, then you must always be careful that she might bring her legion of Mythological Beasts to level your cities.

Du Lang and the others had learned that Shen Yanxiao had run to the Magical Fantasy City with eight Mythological Beasts to demonstrate their power. They were almost so frightened that their jaws dropped to the ground. At this moment, they realized that the number of Mythological Beasts in The Rising Sun City had already reached such an incredibly terrible number— eight!

They probably needed to turn the entire Long Xuan Empire upside down before they could find these many Mythological Beasts. But now, all of them had been brought together and were grasped in Shen Yanxiao's hands.

They simply could not imagine how depressed the Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire would be if he knew about this.

Other people's tricks had been dealt with, and peace was finally back in The Rising Sun City.

With the help of the group that Qi Xia had brought them, the construction of the city became even more efficient.

Less than a week later, the city walls of The Rising Sun City were completely finished. The obsidian walls were covered with a black l.u.s.ter. Even in the gloomy Barren Land, it was strikingly remarkable.

After finis.h.i.+ng the city walls, the construction of the city began.

Several people that Qi Xia had brought were experts in city construction. Shen Yanxiao directly gave them the plans for The Rising Sun City to deal with.

When those responsible for the construction of the city learned that Shen Yanxiao had used obsidian for the city walls, they were bitter and hateful and could not wait to kneel and wail to the heavens because of her decision to recklessly waste natural resources.

"City Lord, how can you use such a precious material like obsidian on the wall?" A middle-aged man looked at Shen Yanxiao with tears. It is simply wasting materials ah!

The amount of obsidian that they had spent on the city walls of The Rising Sun City was simply too great for them to think about. The entire Long Xuan Empire could only produce so much obsidian in a year, after all.

However, their City Lord did a good job and used it to create walls!

These walls were hard, but this was too extravagant!

The use of fine stone should also be good, and that would be a lot cheaper as well!

Shen Yanxiao's mouth twitched as she watched this group of experts burst into tears in front of her as if she took a precious sword and used it to cut vegetables.

“If I don't use it on the walls, where should I use it?” Shen Yanxiao scratched her head. She was totally ignorant of architecture. She only heard Du Lang and others say that obsidian was very strong and so she wanted to use it on the walls to increase their defensive force.

When asked by Shen Yanxiao, several experts immediately listed a lot of places where it could be used. Most of them were to be used as the main poles of palaces and houses and would not be widely used.

"Is there really a point to choose where to use it? But there are several dozens of tons of obsidian piled up in the southeast corner of the city. We cannot use them all up." Shen Yanxiao was very confused.

"Several... dozens of tons?" The few people swallowed their saliva and stared unbelievably at Shen Yanxiao.

"There are also other ores. But Su He understands these things more than me. I don't know very much about these things. Why don't you ask him instead?" Shen Yanxiao was having a headache. She was an expert at retaliation against the enemy; but in building a city, not so much.

Su He and the others had basically recovered under the care of Yan Yu and were now able to walk freely.

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