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"Shen Yanxiao of The Rising Sun City?!!" Geng Di couldn't believe his ears!

There was no word to describe the inner turmoil of Geng Di's heart at this moment. The one who had just personally brought eight Mythological Beasts and ran outside of his Magical Fantasy City was not someone else. It was the very same Shen Yanxiao he had been obstructing these previous days! The current City Lord of The Rising Sun City!

“How could it be her? How could it be her? How could she have eight Mythological Beasts?” Geng Di felt crazy. According to the news that Qu Rui had brought back before, it was clear that Shen Yanxiao only had two Mythological Beasts.

Although two Mythological Beasts were fearful, Geng Di was not too afraid of them.

After all, his Magical Fantasy City was also hiding a strong Mythological-level magical beast. Moreover, his Magical Fantasy City already had a deep foundation in the Barren Land. Even if he really ended up fighting, he was not without the capacity for war.

Therefore, he dared to send people to brazenly intercept the teams of The Rising Sun City.

But today, the appearance of Shen Yanxiao really did give him a resounding slap in the face!

Bringing eight Mythological Beasts to other cities, showing their power and prestige in public.

Geng Di was very clear. Shen Yanxiao came here to demonstrate her power and to warn him that if he wanted to become the enemy of The Rising Sun City, she would be leading the eight Mythological Beasts to sweep the entire Magical Fantasy City into nothingness in the future.

Even though he knew that Shen Yanxiao was threatening him, he could not dare to revolt for even half a minute.

Eight Mythological Beasts!

That was four times more than the previous number he initially heard!

If he really wanted to fight, he should first have the ability to gather all the powerful Mythological Beasts of the entire Lan Yue Dynasty, otherwise, it was impossible to bear the wrath of eight Mythological Beasts!

“d.a.m.n! Go and call the idiot Qu Rui for me! I'm going to ask him if he's blind or what! Actually provoking such a G.o.d of Plagues!” Geng Di was now extremely upset. I shouldn’t have easily believed Qu Rui's words. I should have carefully investigated the details about Shen Yanxiao. Then, I would not have been rendered pa.s.sive like this.

With such wishful thinking, that the other side only had two Mythological Beasts in her hands, he actually sent the Archers under him to intercept the other's men.

This was precisely courting death!

Geng Di became more and more afraid. Today, Shen Yanxiao did not slaughter the Magical Fantasy City, probably due to the rules established by the Four Nations Agreement. But if she became desperate for revenge...

Everything would be over once she sallied forth in full strength!


The Magical Fantasy City would become a sea of blood!


Qu Rui was in a daze when he was brought in front of Geng Di. He still had no idea of what was going on when he was slapped in the face by Geng Di's hands.


"Tras.h.!.+ You trash who's unable to do anything right!"


Qu Rui was suddenly beaten. He innocently covered his face as he stared at the angry Geng Di. He could not understand, he had just been having a good night's sleep, how did he provoke him?


"I... what did I do wrong?" Qu Rui asked.


"What did you do wrong? You still have the cheeks to ask what you did wrong? You say, does Shen Yanxiao of The Rising Sun City really has two Mythological Beasts? Is this true?"


"Yeah." Qu Rui honestly nodded. Didn't he already know this thing?


And due to the words that came out from his mouth, Geng Di lifted his foot and kicked him hard!


"Are you f.u.c.king blind!? Is that two ah? Is that two?! That is obviously eight Mythological Beasts! What is the two you're talking about ah?!" Geng Di had always been cautious. If not because he believed in Qu Rui's news, how could he easily judge Shen Yanxiao?

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