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"Are you guys bullying my family's White Tiger who can't fly?" Yan Yu laughed and got up. He shook his hands and summoned White Tiger.

A tiger's roar wracked the whole mountain and river reverberated!

The glare of white light became an elongated circle. The light that had fallen on the ground spread around until it faded. Then a giant white tiger comparable to the size of a small city appeared on the ground.

"It's okay, I'll accompany you!" Tang Nazhi laughed and jumped down from the Phoenix's back.

The ground in the Barren Land shook at once. A giant figure then suddenly broke out of the crack that had formed in the land. Black Tortoise stood like a mountain in front of everyone, and Tang Nazhi fell steadily on the Black Tortoise's back.

Li Xiaowei looked at the gloomy Eight-Headed Serpent and said something.

Eight-Headed Serpent smirked, "The opponents that I've not seen in thousands of years have gathered today. How can I be inferior to them?"

One shadow jumped down and turned into a ma.s.s of black fog over the land. In the next second, a huge black serpent with eight heads appeared on the ground. Its size was not inferior to that of the other five Mythological Beasts!

Azure Dragon! White Tiger! Vermillion Bird! Black Tortoise! Qilin! Phoenixes! Eight-Headed Serpent!

The eight Mythological Beasts formed a mountain that was impossible to cross outside the Magical Fantasy City. Eight Mythological Beasts appeared in unison. In an instant, lightning and thunder descended upon the Barren Land. The wind roared and the ground shook. All the demons were frightened at this moment, and all the magical beasts were wors.h.i.+pping!

The citizens of Magical Fantasy City were preparing to sleep when suddenly, the tremor of the ground made everyone baffled. Then the thunder clapped, the lightning shone, and the wind surged.

The abnormal phenomenon let all the people in the city wake up and look at the half-bright sky in panic.

"Is there an earthquake?"

"c.r.a.p! It's an earthquake! Run!" [Raz-P: Dude, hide under the table or something???]

The sounds of screaming sounded from various households, and the quiet Magical Fantasy City became chaotic.

Geng Di was awakened from his sleep by the noises. The guards were kneeling in front of his room as they trembled all over.

"What's going on outside? The beast tide is earlier than expected?" Geng Di felt the shaking of the ground beneath his feet and frowned.

"Reporting to the City Lord, the situation out there is not good..."

Outside the Magical Fantasy City, eight Mythological Beasts stood against the wind.

The guards standing on the city walls had already been scared witless by such an army of Mythological Beasts.

When had these people ever met a legendary Mythological Beast? But at this moment, there were eight such beasts standing outside their city, all lofty and domineering.

In the sky were Azure Dragon, Qilin, Vermillion Bird, and Phoenixes.

While White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Eight-Headed Serpent were on the ground.

Everything in sight made people feel that they were having a dream. These legendary Mythological Beasts actually appeared at the same time.

Some of the guards with poor mental strength were directly frightened, foaming at the mouth and fainting.

People in the Magical Fantasy City could not imagine why so many Mythological Beasts would appear outside their city. But they knew that once these eight Mythological Beasts became hostile, it would definitely lead to a huge disaster!

The appearance of one Mythological Beast was enough to shake the heavens.

Let alone eight!

The citizens of Magical Fantasy City were attracted by the majestic Mythological Beasts outside the city, and a large number of city dwellers crowded the gates. They stared at the several Mythological Beasts, startled and frightened.

"Little Xiao, how do you want to demonstrate?" Tang Nazhi stood on the Black Tortoise's back and looked at the crowded people at the city gates. He was eagerly preparing for a big fight.

"Show them the imposing might of our several Mythological Beasts." Shen Yanxiao took Vermillion Bird and soared into the sky alone.

At the same time, eight Mythological Beasts roared in unison.

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